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Super-Earths Discovered Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2013
Super-Earths discovered in stellar cluster ABC Science
Trio of 'super Earths' discovered in a star's habitable zone  Sydney Morning Herald June 26 2013
Found! 3 Super-Earth Planets That Could Support Alien Life
Star is crowded by super-Earths BBC Science And Environment
Super-Earth’ trio may support life Japan Times
Super-Earths detected in nearby star system WIRED
Last week it was reported that astronomers discovered a nearby star system with 3 possible 'Super-Earths' within the habitable zone around the star. Super-Earths are planets less massive than Neptune, but more massive than our own Earth. These newly discovered Super-Earths have the potential to sustain life. A 'habitable zone' refers to the temperature region around a star where liquid water could exist.  Planets outside our solar system are called exoplanets.
If you want to know more check out the articles linked above.
Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm
Now, to my new painting Super-Earths Discovered
Regular readers will see a continuation with other recent galactic-type paintings. They will also identify my 'play' with landscape and my attempts to untether ideas of 'landscape' from being Earth-bound. New perspectives, revealed by astronomical discoveries, open us to possibilities and potentials that push perspective beyond horizons previously thought to be at the extreme of distance.
They also afford us new ways of viewing ourselves...don't you think? As I have written before, perspective is both literal and metaphoric.
In my painting Super-Earths Discovered a mountainous landscape is shadowed by a massive 'planet'. The orientating mountainous landscape, whilst Earth-like, may not be Earth. It may be one of the newly discovered Super-Earths! Where is the viewer ie: you and me? We may be on the third planet, or in a space craft tripping our way between planets or we may be situated on a neighbouring mountain range gazing across the treacherous landscape. Fun hey!!!
So, alien life is a possibility on these newly discovered Super-Earths. We humans do seem to have a great urge to find 'space mates'. Yet, apart from the possibility of alien life, habitable Super-Earths also offer us alternative 'homes'. You know, when a cataclysmic occurrence, natural or human-made, makes Earth un-inhabitable or non-existent...except as debris [please check out my previous post HOPE]. Let's transport our imaginations into a far distant future...then ten to one hundred times the distance! In order to ensure humanity's survival, what if the 'powers that be' send something, that will ignite human DNA, in a space ship to the most habitable Super-Earth? Imagine that upon landing a mechanism causes the dormant DNA device to trigger life. Ah Ha! But, would we be human like we are now or would we appear more alien-like? There's a story there!
Regular readers will notice the much loved age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life symbol. The tree! In Super-Earths Discovered  the tree is like a beacon. Is it welcoming or warning?
A couple of other recent galactic paintings:
I have recently posted some photos of me working...and people seem to really like it. I have had numerous requests for more. To see the previous post please click HERE
So here goes...the following photos are of me painting Super-Earths Discovered
 The initial preparation of the stretched linen. Photo: Edwina Fox

 Splashing turps around. Photo: Edwina Fox
Waiting to run, dribble and dry. Photo: Edwina Fox
Early stages
I use rags as well as brushes!
And here's video:
My next solo exhibition
All of this is n preparation for my next solo exhibition
15- 27 October
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Take a look at this video:
It is a project to send images of life on Earth into space. It's a kind of art installation. The images will be placed in some kind of capsule attached to a satellite which will be launched into orbit around Earth. Will they survive the mainstreet satellite highway up there? If the capsule survives for eons will it stand the heat of our sun in its hades-like dying days? Will aliens discover the images, and if so what will they think? Is the project adding to potential space debris and compromising space sustainability? Is this more about reflecting upon ourselves rather than sending messages afar? Perspective works in wonderful ways! 

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