Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have been very lax...not posting on my BLOG since December. However, I have either been very busy or just in holiday mood ie: not wanting to do anything! My eldest daughter leaves for a 12 month exchange to Brazil tomorrow and we are in a state of organisation ...well at least I am!

In amongst all the happenings I have been painting. Forever Connected is my latest creation. It took awhile for it to find itself becasue it is the first painting I have worked on for about 2 months. After my exhibition in October I took time to reflect. I do this after each show and I think it is a good way of continuing but not regurgitating previous work. Time to think is so valuable. I do tell people that being an artist is not just about the doing, it is also about being, thinking, questioning, dreaming and all those wonderful things.

Forever Connected Oil on linen 120 x 80 cm