Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am very pleased. My entry in the Prometheus Art Award has been preselected for the final judging. ( The painting I entered is 'Earth's Pulse' which I have previously written about on this blog.

I attended the Open Day 'Maximal' exhibition at Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery yesterday. I have two oil paintings plus a portfolio of unframed work in the exhibition. There are 19 other artists in the show. Each of the artists spoke a couple of times during the afternoon. It is a good exercise because it makes it clearer in my own mind what I am trying to achieve. It also opens up new ideas or extensions to ideas. It is also interesting to hear other artist's motivations and thoughts.

The image above comes from my Children's Series and is an unframed gouache on paper in the portfolio I have left at the gallery. This painting was inspired by seeing my children pretend to be the person they thought was required at school. They hid behind masks from a young age to please teachers and peers. I call this the 'Good Girl Syndrome'. It is an insidious problem and one which does not get attention. How many anorexics suffer from this I wonder?

'Maximal' continues until31 May. Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery, 54 LaTrobe Tce, Paddington. Wed-Sat 10.30-5

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have been painting. The problem is I am not very good at photographing oils. I will get them professionally photographed when I have a number of them.

One result of the way I paint is that I end up getting paint all over me. So, if I am at the physio or trying shoes on I often have to explain my multi coloured feet, or the red streak across my back, or my deplorable finger nails. My children die of embarrassment when I turn up at school with paint on my face [and I don't know it is there].

The image above is called 'Assimilation' and is part of my bride series. I was thinking about how the country bride becomes part of the land. Her spirit imbeds itself in the community and the earth as she becomes absorbed by country life. When your very existence and survival is dependent on the land and weather you do become very attuned to the earth's rhythms. I have a plethora of female ancestors who married country men. These women were pioneers marking out their own identities and contributing to thier communities.

I am included in a group exhibition with 19 artists 'Maximal' at Robyn Bauer Gallery, 54 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, Brisbane The exhibition opens this Saturday 21 April, 12 noon-6 pm. Robyn is calling it an open day as the artists will be there to chat to people. Gallery hours are Wed-Sat 10.30-5 pm. Please come along.

Assimilation 80 x 100 cm Oil on linen

Monday, April 09, 2007


I have spent the last four days agonising over a large work on canvas. It is the first large work I have painted for a few months and it takes time for me to get back 'into the groove' so to speak. However, I am happy with the way things have progressed today. From experience I know the agonising is worth it!

One of my problems is that I have so many ideas running through my head that I find it hard to focus on developing one of them. So, the painting in progress is a large canvas 120 x 160 cm and I am inspired by the idea of shared destinies. This fits with previous [and continuing] ideas about shared histories. I am interested in how and why individuals or groups of people come together or cross paths. Is there a reason....some say there is a reason for everything and that it is our purpose to understand these reasons.

I am also interested in how crossed paths or more intense long term relationships can become part of myth, landscape and story. Do myths etc assist in leading into the future or do they hold us to the past? I think landscape holds many of the most powerful secrets including the fact that holding onto the past is impossible although many of us try to. Climatic and seasonal changes ensure that nothing ever stays the same. Yet, love of the land and nature will ensure we are constantly sustained.

The painting above 'In Joyful Praise' has been sent to Korea. It is in praise of those energies within the landscape. This painting is a prayer for our planet.

In Joyful Praise gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gallery L Seoul

I am very excited about being included in an exhibition opening next Thursday 12 April at Gallery L in Seoul, Korea. I will have 4 oil paintings plus possibly some works on paper in the exhibition.

It is also exciting as my work is being exhibited with paintings by Muk Muk Aboriginal artists (Australian art centre based in the Northern Territory). Gallery L is an exhibition space offered by Gallery Yeh, one of Seoul's best known quality galleries. The exhibition has been organised by local contemporary art lover Mr Chang-Ho Han.

Support for the exhibition has come from Queensland Trade & Investment Office and Austrade.
The Australian Ambassador, HE Peter Rowe will also be in attendance.

The painting above 'Life's Vibrations' will be in the exhibition. When I painted this work I was thinking about those elements of life which are common to every single person living on this planet now, in the past and the future; those vibrations of our breath, our pulses and the energy forces within each cell. The tree-of-life is a trans-cultural/religious motif which conjures up thoughts of oneness, similarity and sharing. At the same time this 'tree' has a brain-like appearance, or a system-like appearance. I have often had comments from medical people remarking on my paintings. A medical professor once asked me if I had studied histology. I have not...yet I do love the connections people make when they look at my work.

The exhibition at Gallery L continues until April 25.
Lifes Vibrations Oil on linen 78 x 107 cm