Thursday, May 31, 2007


There seems to be so a lot of talk about how our thoughts attract to us what we are thinking. So, beware if you are thinking bad thoughts because then you should expect bad things to happen to you. The solution [apparently] is to switch to positive thoughts all the time. This is a little difficult especially if you have not worked through the issues which seem to cause the bad thoughts to perpetuate. I do believe that thoughts are more than just ephemeral 'things' which once 'thought' are lost forever. There are questions which entice. Like...Why do some people have the same thought at the same time? Is there a collective thought process and an individual thought process? Is thinking about something too much likely to actually expell or repulse? Why do fleeting thoughts seem to hold so much potential? Why can someone ring if you have been thinking about them?

Recently I have been taught more about releasing and letting go those thoughts which really are not useful to me. What I have found is that as they are released certain insights occur as to why the thoughts were there in the first place. Further irradication must take place at this point otherwise those pesky bad thoughts want to revisit a fertile ground. I am e believer of the notion that positive affirmations have their place. My expereince lately is that the irradication process leaves more space for the affirmation...or faith to take hold.

Living Thoughts Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I finally had a photographer come around to document some of my latest oil paintings. The wonderful Priscilla Bracks an accomplished photographic artist in her own right has taken my latest images.

When I was painting this work I was thinking about those aspects of ourselves which we inherit from our ancestors. Even those aspects of our consciousness and subconscious which we live with but are oblivious to there source/s. We assume our thoughts and the way we think are totally stimulated by our own experience. But, how much of the way we think is due to inherited traits or even cellular memories of the human race? Another question to ponder is how can we irradicate or at least control those thoughts which are not useful to us? Firstly we may have to unravel our thinking process to find the core belief/s which [unknown to us] are influencing our lives. Unraveling is a courageous process because there are some aspects which act as crutches or protection which are no longer needed or perhaps were needed by those who have preceeded us. Identifying these thoughts/beliefs honestly as not useful and sometimes harmful can be a difficult confrontation with self. Letting them go is the next step.

I also believe that we can look at behavious caused by inherited cellular memory at an individual level as well as a collective level.

This painting 'Inherited' shows complexity through the tree-of-life signifying life, history and
geneology. The visceral appearance is about the body/brain partnership.

Inherited Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm photographed by Priscilla Bracks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I have a small exhibition coming up soon at the most hip and happening place in Maleny...The Upfront Club opening Thursday June 28. The painting above will be in the exhibition. I will aslo be giving a talk about my work on the opening night. The Upfront Club is in Maleny's main street, Maple Street. I'll be putting more infomation on my Blog as the weeks go by.

I am Chairman of a Chamber Of Commerce and I have to say one of the best aspects of taking on the position is the people I have met. Because it is a Chamber of Commerce the focus is business, trade and export. On the weekend I met with a Consul General and a couple from an aviation orientated business. I have learnt so much about all sorts of different businesses. One of the outcomes for me personally is a deeper understanding not only of business but the amazing skill, pride, effort and creativity people give to create their lives. The types of business I now know a little about include recruitment, aviation engineering, honey production, the huge variety of seed merchants, lighting, all sorts of engineering, developments in security and crowd management systems, scaffolding and the list goes on. It really is fascinating.

I have also learnt that trade and export are not just business. They are relationships which come from a desire to fulfill needs and wants. One way to maintain relationships throughout the world is trough trade and export because there is a common thread of need and/or desire which seems to exist in all countries. I think the world needs trade and export for other reasons apart from economic reasons.

Shared History oil on canvas

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I am steadily working towards my next solo exhibition in October at Doggett Street Gallery, Newstead Brisbane. The paintings will be simpler than previous least I think this will be the case. I am enjoying the 'tree-of-life' and all its possibilities; love, faith, connection, vibration, similarity, difference, spirit, joy, the earth and so on. I am toying with calling the exhibition 'Sending Love'.

The painting above is called 'Heaven and Earth' which I can be translated into human and spiritual existence.

I visited Sydney last weekend with my eldest daughter. We had a great time looking at some galleries, a possible educational institution for my daughter in the future and lots of dress shops as we were also on a mission to buy a formal dress. We walked Sydney and I was surprised at the dearth of long frocks suitabley priced and lovely for teenage girls. We did finally find a gorgeous dress which was outside my initial price range but certainly within reasonableness...I suppose!