Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I am steadily working towards my next solo exhibition in October at Doggett Street Gallery, Newstead Brisbane. The paintings will be simpler than previous least I think this will be the case. I am enjoying the 'tree-of-life' and all its possibilities; love, faith, connection, vibration, similarity, difference, spirit, joy, the earth and so on. I am toying with calling the exhibition 'Sending Love'.

The painting above is called 'Heaven and Earth' which I can be translated into human and spiritual existence.

I visited Sydney last weekend with my eldest daughter. We had a great time looking at some galleries, a possible educational institution for my daughter in the future and lots of dress shops as we were also on a mission to buy a formal dress. We walked Sydney and I was surprised at the dearth of long frocks suitabley priced and lovely for teenage girls. We did finally find a gorgeous dress which was outside my initial price range but certainly within reasonableness...I suppose!


Bronwyn said...

How much did you end up paying for your daughter's formal dress? We bought from The Mask in Brisbane. It was more than I expected to pay, however I found we had to see what was out there, let her try on lots of different dresses, see what they cost, & go from there.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Too much, but the dress is Wayne Cooper. It is gold and shows lots of skin which when my daughter showed it to her Father sent him into a mild panic I think! She is 180 cm tall and has bought 10 cm high shoes! The formal is this week and no doubt I will have some stories to tell by Saturday.