Saturday, December 27, 2008


Suggestion Gouache on paper 18 x 25 cm 2008

Well, Christmas Day has been and gone for 2008. I had a wonderful time with my family. We spent a few days together in Maleny which is in the mountains behind the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is beautiful, green, pretty, has rolling hills, fat cows and mild weather...and my Mum is a fab cook, so we have returned home a bit fatter.
After doing lots of Christmasssy things like attending a very moving Christmas candle lighting service at Unity Church [which preaches from a metaphysical perspective] , singing carols, being with family and generally just slowing down it is obvious to me that letting go a normal routine of frantic activity is absolutely necessary to gain perspective of oneself! Yes, it has been awhile since I slowed down!
I also think that letting go gives the potential for optimism to sing its song. As some things which may seem important in a frantic life drop away in significance a recalibration of priorities can take place. I suppose this is where New Year resolutions may be found!
So, over the years I have thought about the idea of New Year resolutions but I've never really made any mainly because of an underlying niggly feeling of inbuilt failure. I think maybe this was because the resolutions had more to do with controlling a frantic life rather than being truly alive. I have decided that for 2009 I will make only one resolution and that is to expect the best.
Expecting the best does not mean I have a predetermined idea of what is the best! Indeed, whatever is 'the best' sometimes may not be evident until the magic of hindsight reveals it.
I have been painting on paper lately exploring the tree-of-life motif which I love and also investigating ways to satisfy my need to expose the beauty of water. The latter is about my observations growing up on a farm, living out west and witnessing the transformation of water from a free and reliable resource to something which has become a commodity...and all the ramifications this entails.
A recent nostalgic trip back to my birthplace of Dalby with my youngest daughter has inspired me even more. It has been 14 years since I visited Dalby, my parent's old farm and other places of personal significance. It was a great trip and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed seeing where Mum grew up. I have to say the land and crops [mainly sorghum] are looking fantastic.
Over the next many weeks I am concentrating on more works on paper. I also have some ideas for new oil on linen paintings. I have applied for an exhibition and will be entering various competitions ...and expecting the best!
Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This painting is called The Brush Of Angels' Wings Oil on linen 53 x 97 cm 2008
As we negotiate contemporary life in the spaces between the micro and macro-local and global-vast and intimate we know that our potential exists within the chaos. Optimism is knowing that life’s complexity and its chaotic presentation actually create the forces for survival. To me the seeming chaos is like the flutter of angels’ wings creating energy and thus potential. The trans-cultural/religious tree of life, its visceral branches, the spaces between its branches and twigs, its constant movement in the air epitomises the essence of chaos’s promise.