Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This painting is called The Brush Of Angels' Wings Oil on linen 53 x 97 cm 2008
As we negotiate contemporary life in the spaces between the micro and macro-local and global-vast and intimate we know that our potential exists within the chaos. Optimism is knowing that life’s complexity and its chaotic presentation actually create the forces for survival. To me the seeming chaos is like the flutter of angels’ wings creating energy and thus potential. The trans-cultural/religious tree of life, its visceral branches, the spaces between its branches and twigs, its constant movement in the air epitomises the essence of chaos’s promise.

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moneythoughts said...

I thought I lost you. Did you take your blog down? I tried it and came up with nothing a few weeks back. But I saw you visited Moneythoughts and now I will be back. I love what you do with line and color.