Monday, October 13, 2008


I wanted to create an image which embraced a feeling of excitement and when you meet someone you are really attracted to. So, yes.... a bit tingly, sensual, earthy and anticipatory. I wanted to do this for a few reasons. 1. I am intensely interested in the idea of distance being close and/or far and that the space between is replete with energy thus collapsing the idea that opposites and antimonies actually exist because this 'space between' insists they are variations of each other. 2. The moment before a romantic kiss when the distance between two people is close but not closed is full of anticipation and possibility. 3. I imagine time and space dancing with each other causing frissons which create a rich environment for the collective consciousness. 4. I am interested in questioning the idea of duality and that maybe it is an illusion...if it is distance has no meaning.

I was thinking this morning about the current financial crisis gripping the world. Readers of my BLOG know I am very interested in what's happening. I had a thought which I think has a positive spin to it. If Post Modernism's narcisistic tendencies and love of simulacra have driven financial environments allowing activities which ultimately have caused the current crisis, we can perhaps 'see' this drive as the element which has also caused the unprecedented collaboration amongst world leaders as witnessed this last weekend. The drive for personal gain and wealth without safe levels of responsibility has brought the world to a situation where countries/nations and their leaders are now forced [or at least have the opportunity] to work together and to put genuine and compassionate action into 'global world' rhetoric. Any kind of simulation cannot last, yet it is sometimes difficult to know when it is enticing or seducing you. Narcisism will perpetuate simulation by upping the ante with changing rules, no rules, rules for some and not for others, creating complex arrangements etc until it just cannot be sustained anymore. The implosion is inevitable and I think should be welcomed because it means change can happen. 'Global world' rhetoric now has an opportunity to become actioned with a real understanding of the interlinking capacities and activities of contemporary human endevour. Hopefully there is recognition that compassion needs to be a guiding element of change and the outcomes of it. I also hope untethered blame does not poison attempts to create our new world.

So with regards to my painting above 'A Frisson With Distance' I also would like to think it suggests the 'charged' feeling the world is experiencing now. Like being on the 'edge' where anticipation creates energy and inspiration.

A Frisson With Distance Oil on linen 84 x 147 cm 2008