Thursday, August 24, 2023


Zooming In and Out Oil on linen 92 x 112 cm 2023
Copyright Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox

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Zooming In and Out

Like many of my paintings Zooming In and Out includes visual parodies of computer-like graphics. While you might be able to use your computer or phone to zoom in and out of the digital documentary photograph of the painting, the painting itself, as an object, offers a different kind of interactivity. While the title offers a clue, the viewer has to imagine how the painting may represent a zooming in and zooming out activity. The viewer might ask - If the ambiguous landscape juxtaposed with the map of Australia is a zoomed-in location, what location is it? Could it be the tip of Cape York Peninsular or part of a northern New South Wales coastline, or the edge of Wivenhoe Dam in Queensland? 

But, what if the image is, for example, imagined drone or satellite footage? If it is, then the landscape beyond the map depicts the oceans, seas and islands that surround Australia. If it is a drone or satellite image, then the viewer can imagine imaging sensors zooming in and out for a variety of scanning, documentary, surveillance, or targeting reasons.

While the small crosses act as grid co-ordinates that might be seen on various military and civilian maps, I also 'see' them as possible memorial markers. Like the symmetry of a military cemetery the small crosses could represent memorials for the environment. Zooming In and Out could be a post-human map of a small section of a global  memorial map. Perhaps it is a form of remembrance not only for the human species, but also for the planet. Each cross, zoomed into, may open into a shrine of remembrance - you can imagine this can't you?

I have a few more ideas, but I will leave it to you now!


Next week 29-30 August 2023 at the Something Digital Festival, Brisbane, I am really excited to be participating on a panel to discuss,
Striking a balance: Ethics and creativity in generative AI.

The panel will be facilitated by Rob Hudson, Founder, SpoutLogic.

Panel members are: 
Ben Hutchinson, Trustworthy AI Lead, Google Research Australia
Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, PHD Student & Artist, Curtin University
Morgan Strong, Digital Transformation Manager, QAGOMA
Robert Feldman, Director, Gadens Lawyers
Tickets to the Something Digital Festival are still available