Friday, January 26, 2007


I attended a multi faith Australia Day service hosted by the Premier of Queensland last night. It was fantastic. The service took place at the Nepalese Peace Pagoda at Brisbane's Southbank. Representatives from Hindu, Jewish, Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Baha'i faiths each spoke about oneness within diversity. Many of theprayers had the same words and metaphors. It was a very moving ceremony. The common threads through each of the short presentations are to be rejoiced and I believe everyone attending the service felt the same. The service finished with the Brisbane Birralee Voices singing Adiemus. It was truly beautiful. I just wish this sort of event could be front page news to help balance the negative images the media seems to prefer.

A Beautiful World Oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My children have returned and Mum's Taxi Service is back in full swing! I think I filled the car up twice while the children were away which was nearly 4 weeks. I've used a near-full tank in the 5 days since their return. Fuel consumption would severely drop if mothers of the world said 'no' to the constant requests to be taken places! However, half the issue is that the mothers of the world don't want their children vulnerable if the alternative is walking alone, being on foot at night, waiting for public transport at night and so on. Of course we could just say 'no' to everything, but then that would cause its own problems. I seem to remember my mum getting away with more 'nos' than I seem to be able to get away with though.

The painting/s above is my Beyond Series of four 25 x 25 cm each. They can be hung in various configurations. We all seem to look beyond. We catastrophise or we have hope. We are fed catastrophic possibilities by a plethora of people from scientists to politicians. Recently the Doomsday Clock was put forward a little. My middle daughter was quite traumatised by this thinking that the end was immanent and therefore she'd never have children! I believe children should grow up with hope and I wish there was more reporting of the good news to balance the bad.

I prefer to see that 'beyond' is a place of possibility and hope. A hope and a trust in the human race and processes to ensure that life goes on. A place of balance.

Beyond 50 x 50 cm [in this configuration] oil on canvas.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Yes, I am a country girl. I grew up on a grain farm outside Dalby on probably the most fertile soil in the southern hemisphere. The top soil went down 10-12 m and my Father and my Grand-Father before him grew winter and summer crops [sunflowers, sorghum, barley, wheat, maize]. This climatic change that seems to have only been noticed in the last few years actually started in the 60s. My Grand-Father did not miss a crop for decades prior to the 60s. He could be certain that the weather would follow a pattern.

It was my poor Dad who missed the crops due to lack of rain. He took over the farm in the 60s and the weather patterns definitely started to change. It is a soul destroying experience planting seeds on minimal subsoil moisture knowing that the crop will fail if there is no follow up rain. This happened.

My experience growing up on a farm and then living in Goondiwindi for 18 years certainly made me very aware of the vagaries of the weather and the affects of these on farmers. I find myself periodically painting images that remind me of my very early childhood. These memories are of days of soaking rain, thick grey clouds, not being able to see even a few metres when the rain fell heavily, playing in the thick black mud, tanks overflowing, frogs croaking. As I have said before on this blog these paintings are like prayers...prayers for rain, prayers for the planet.

Wet Weather Please Gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm unframed

Monday, January 15, 2007


I found a beautiful translation of the Lord's Prayer on the weekend. It is translated from Aramaic. The words create pictures as you read them. In essence it follows the contemporary version of the Lord's Prayer, but it engages me more because there is a sense of oneness. Visit to read more translations and a short history of the development of the Lord's Prayer.

All I can say is that the older versions of the Prayer have inspired me. They are poetic and stimulate imaginings. I wish I knew more about comparitive religious studies because I know beautiful words exist in other religious prayers and meditations too.

Vibration of Life Gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm

Saturday, January 13, 2007


The weekend has arrived and I have read the papers. I normally don't read them during the week except possibly for the Financial Review on a Thursday. I will read them in coffee shops if I am out and about. I have been painting on paper the last few days. Starting a painting is exciting but there is also a moment of trepidation when making the first mark. In my mind's eye I know what I want to achieve, but can my hand and brush manifest it. Sometimes I am more happy than I had hoped and other times the work gets torn up and thrown away. When I tell freinds that I throw paintings away they are astonished. That said, if I am slightly annoyed with a work I will leave it for a few hours and even up to a day. I will place it in a spot where I see it as I walk down my stairs. So, in a sense I see it with new eyes. Sometimes I wonder why I was ever annoyed and other times it ends up in the bin. Reflection is a very useful all aspects of life really.

Divine Grace Gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm unframed

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The last few days have been quiet...and I am SO grateful for the time and the peace. Although, I have just read The Bulletin and now wish I had not. So much bad news and one small article about dire predictions for 2007 which was very depressing to read. There was a very good and uplifting article about Peter Garrett and his potential to be PM though. What is it about the human race that makes a focus on dreadful events and possibility seem so enthralling? I have to say I am not enthralled and have thrown the magazine into my Miniskip bin which arrived this morning. I am still in the cleaning out process, ridding my house and my envrionment of unwanted stuff. I have become so excited about throwing stuff away that I ordered the bin yesterday. Trying to fit everything into a wheelie bin which is collected only once a week does not work!

I have been painting and also have lots of ideas in my head. I bought some great new materials yesterday. I always end up buying more than I really need, but it is fun.

I had some really fantastic comments about my work yesterday. And I have sold a big painting and consulted to someone this morning about export. Needless to say I am feeling great.

So, my predictions for 2007 are completely the opposite to those I read earlier today. I 'see' positive vibes are in the air. The painting above is what I 'see' and it sure looks pretty good to me.

The Earth's Moves Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Over the last two weeks various events have occurred in my life which have made me stop and think. Quite an inspiring and very useful thing to do...stopping and thinking. Hectic lives often mean we don't stop and think, but eventually something makes us. I am grateful for the opportunity to dwell and meditate. In 2007 I will do this more regularly!

The Journey Gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm

Monday, January 01, 2007


It is now 2007. Truly amazing how time flies. A few days ago I visited a house where one of my large paintings now hangs. It looked fabulous. The owners had commissioned me to do the painting some time ago and I had not see it hanging. I felt extremely satisfied! A great feeling.

Two nights ago I attended a fabulous performance at the Upfront Club in Maleny A band called Lucy Love and the Firetrees played at this great venue. The Upfront Club is a collective club and is situated in the main street of Maleny. It feels like it has been there forever. Old rustic tables, a variety of chairs, great food and a tremendous relaxed feeling make the Club unique in this day and age of slick interiors and overly designed furniture. I've eaten at the Club many times and love the food. The menu always appeals with its eclectic and wholesome vegetarian and non-vego choices. And, of course there is a bar.

The band was absolutely great and obviously made up of very talented young performers. They had even written most of the songs. By the end of the evening people of all ages were dancing to the music which was a mix of styles beautifully melded together in a unique sound. The Club is intimate but the sound quality was just right. It was loud enough to bounce and bop to but still clear enough to discern the thoughtful lyrics and to hear different instruments including some virtuoso drum playing by Lucy. I got up to dance too and had a great time. My Mum was dancing as well! A great night.

So, do I have any New Year resolutions? All I can say is...2007 is my year! Gold dust is in the air, inspiration abounds, age and experience are the mantras for unlimited success of all kinds and love propels.

The Universe Sings Oil on linen 160 x 120 cm