Monday, January 01, 2007


It is now 2007. Truly amazing how time flies. A few days ago I visited a house where one of my large paintings now hangs. It looked fabulous. The owners had commissioned me to do the painting some time ago and I had not see it hanging. I felt extremely satisfied! A great feeling.

Two nights ago I attended a fabulous performance at the Upfront Club in Maleny A band called Lucy Love and the Firetrees played at this great venue. The Upfront Club is a collective club and is situated in the main street of Maleny. It feels like it has been there forever. Old rustic tables, a variety of chairs, great food and a tremendous relaxed feeling make the Club unique in this day and age of slick interiors and overly designed furniture. I've eaten at the Club many times and love the food. The menu always appeals with its eclectic and wholesome vegetarian and non-vego choices. And, of course there is a bar.

The band was absolutely great and obviously made up of very talented young performers. They had even written most of the songs. By the end of the evening people of all ages were dancing to the music which was a mix of styles beautifully melded together in a unique sound. The Club is intimate but the sound quality was just right. It was loud enough to bounce and bop to but still clear enough to discern the thoughtful lyrics and to hear different instruments including some virtuoso drum playing by Lucy. I got up to dance too and had a great time. My Mum was dancing as well! A great night.

So, do I have any New Year resolutions? All I can say is...2007 is my year! Gold dust is in the air, inspiration abounds, age and experience are the mantras for unlimited success of all kinds and love propels.

The Universe Sings Oil on linen 160 x 120 cm

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Hi Kathryn,I found your comments via my Google alert for Maleny.
I booked the band, set up the sound system and also took door money for the band.
It was a great night I agree and wonder if the club and possibly the band could quote your blog, anonomously or otherwise. If enthusiastic, you could also evaluate food,service and sound quality.Best wishes for '07.