Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have just returned from 3 days in Melbourne. Had a great...and exhausting time. Visited lots of galleries and walked miles. I think I've left my feet in Melbourne!

I really liked Melbourne. I have only ever visited 3 times before and for very short periods of time. People were friendly and welcoming.

The work on paper above was painted at the same time as the work in my previous post. I am continuing to be intrigued by the Spiral Dynamics theory by Don Beck [also mentioned in the previous post].

Also, the idea of the future revisiting the past...and even aspects of the past which may not have previously been considered important is fascinating.

I am formulating some thoughts about the popularity of images of animals in current art trends. I saw quite a few animal works in Melbourne, and have noticed the trend in Sydney and in Brisbane. Plus in the art magazines. Do images of animals provide a sense of security in stressful times? Do they indicate a need for unconditional love? I am interested in looking at animal totems to see if somehow artists who create these images are tapping into ancient ritualistic vibrations. I have to be harsh and suggest some of the work I've seen is just tapping into a popular trend for opportunistic reasons.

In The Ebb and Flow Gouache on paper 30 x 22 cm


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Recalibration is a great word. It has re-entered my vocabularly recently and I am so grateful that is has. I've used it in nearly everything I have written over the last couple of weeks. And, I have done a lot of writing! I've written submissions for special exhibition spaces, artists' statements for my work as a whole and for particular works I've entered into competitions. And, I was asked by HECATE to write a review of Irena Sibley's new book Self Portrait of the Artist's Wife. So, for those of you who don't know, HECATE is an 'interdisciplinary journal of women's liberation, edited by Carole Ferrier now in its 33rd year. It is published by Hecate Press, in association with the WGCSC Centre, in the School of EMSAH at the University of Queensland. AWBR: Australian Womens' Book Review following its alliance with Hecate, has now reached its 19th year of publication of reviews, by women, of new publications by women mainly in Australia and the pacific region.' It will be published online soon, so you can read my review then!

And, here I am again ...writing.

I have done some new work on paper and I am wanting to expand on the ideas I have explored both on paper and canvas.

Dr. Don Beck’s and Christopher Cowen’s theory of Spiral Dynamics* has recently come to my attention. This complex theory sheds light on some of the questions I ask myself and like any good theory it stimulates more questions. Memetics is a pivotal element of the theory. The spiral, which I have previously used, resonates with me because its energy flows up and down and across oscillating with potential. I like the idea that the spiral is not static and can reverberate forwards and backwards. My interest in shared history [which I have previously written about on this BLOG] leads me to think about how our future has aspects which propel us back to the a continual reverberation...hopefully picking up only the positive apsects! A recalibration action!

* Beck Don & Cowen C, Spiral Dynamics-Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change Blackwell Publishing, USA, UK, Australia, 2006.

Backwards And Forwards In Time Gouache on paper 30 x 21 cm

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Can one person’s epiphany change the consciousness of their genealogical past and therefore future? This question has been presented to me in the last week or so. And it fascinates me. If an individual can change dramatically in their thinking, forgiving, loving etc can this affect the consciousness of ancestors creating a recalibration from that time to the future? It has been said that each generation not only carries physical characteristics in their DNA, but also perhaps the consciousness [cellular memory] of previous generations.

It has been suggested to me that forgiveness and unconditional love are two of the most powerful 'things' a person can show, think and do and that these qualities can create change not only in the individual but in anyone connected to this person. I had always thought this was just manifested in the present, but how intriguing to think previous generations may benefit from someone-who-lives-in-their-future's departure from generationally ingrained beliefs and attitudes.

This topic could convolute for a long time. However, I am excited that this proposition was presented to me just after I finished the painting above. I had already called it 'Generations' and my thoughts when I painted it were about shared consciousness within families over time.

For a long time many of my paintings have had some kind of connection with something which is about to happen to me or be presented to me. Obviously I must be on some kind of wave length because there have been many uncanny moments. I love it.

Generations oil on linen 80 x 120 cm