Monday, September 30, 2019


L - R: Lethal Landscape and Drone Spiral 2

It is nearly six weeks since I last posted. This is the longest absence since starting my blog in August 2006. I normally post about once a week, but I have been busy!

Firstly, for three weeks, my exhibition Occupied Landscapes: Evidence of Drones consumed my time. The show went really well, with lots of people to talk to, sales, and invitations to participate in a couple of events. Once I have more details about the events I will let you know.

Thank you to everyone who came along to see Occupied Landscapes: Evidence of Drones

I have uploaded quite a few photographs of the exhibition

The link to the exhibition post where you can read more about Occupied Landscapes: Evidence of Drones, see more images, read my artist statement etc is HERE


1. Podcast
2. Finalist in Art Award
3. Panel participant at an international conference

1. I was interviewed about my paintings and research by the lead researcher, Dr. Beryl Pong of the Aesthetics of Drone Warfare project, University of Sheffield, UK. This project is funded by a British Rising Star Academy Award for 2019 - 2020. Please listen to the podcast - it is only 30 minutes. 

2. My painting Drones and Code: Future Now (below) has been selected as a finalist in the $30,000 Paddington Art Prize, Sydney, Australia. I am thrilled to have my painting selected. The prize is for a landscape inspired by the Australian landscape.

3. A panel proposal, that includes a paper by me, has been accepted for the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference in Hawaii next March. I have presented about my paintings and research at the ISA annual conferences in San Francisco (2017) and Toronto (2018). The panel for 2020 is titled "The Spaces Between War, War Preparedness and Militarism." I am really happy to have another opportunity to talk about my research and creative work.

 Drones and Code: Future Now Oil on linen 40 x 56 cm 2018

 Drone Spiral 2 and Operational Landscape

L - R:  Mission Capable Landscape and Nowhere to Hide 

 A selection of smaller paintings

L - R: Queensland Landscape: Unreal and 21st Century Cloud Fantasy

 L - R: Occupied Landscape, False Lawn and Swarm Clouds Brewing

 L - R: Ubiquitous Surveillance - An Invisible Landscape and Catastrophe of Civilisation

 Works on paper 

 Works on paper