Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My children have returned and Mum's Taxi Service is back in full swing! I think I filled the car up twice while the children were away which was nearly 4 weeks. I've used a near-full tank in the 5 days since their return. Fuel consumption would severely drop if mothers of the world said 'no' to the constant requests to be taken places! However, half the issue is that the mothers of the world don't want their children vulnerable if the alternative is walking alone, being on foot at night, waiting for public transport at night and so on. Of course we could just say 'no' to everything, but then that would cause its own problems. I seem to remember my mum getting away with more 'nos' than I seem to be able to get away with though.

The painting/s above is my Beyond Series of four 25 x 25 cm each. They can be hung in various configurations. We all seem to look beyond. We catastrophise or we have hope. We are fed catastrophic possibilities by a plethora of people from scientists to politicians. Recently the Doomsday Clock was put forward a little. My middle daughter was quite traumatised by this thinking that the end was immanent and therefore she'd never have children! I believe children should grow up with hope and I wish there was more reporting of the good news to balance the bad.

I prefer to see that 'beyond' is a place of possibility and hope. A hope and a trust in the human race and processes to ensure that life goes on. A place of balance.

Beyond 50 x 50 cm [in this configuration] oil on canvas.

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