Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The last few days have been quiet...and I am SO grateful for the time and the peace. Although, I have just read The Bulletin and now wish I had not. So much bad news and one small article about dire predictions for 2007 which was very depressing to read. There was a very good and uplifting article about Peter Garrett and his potential to be PM though. What is it about the human race that makes a focus on dreadful events and possibility seem so enthralling? I have to say I am not enthralled and have thrown the magazine into my Miniskip bin which arrived this morning. I am still in the cleaning out process, ridding my house and my envrionment of unwanted stuff. I have become so excited about throwing stuff away that I ordered the bin yesterday. Trying to fit everything into a wheelie bin which is collected only once a week does not work!

I have been painting and also have lots of ideas in my head. I bought some great new materials yesterday. I always end up buying more than I really need, but it is fun.

I had some really fantastic comments about my work yesterday. And I have sold a big painting and consulted to someone this morning about export. Needless to say I am feeling great.

So, my predictions for 2007 are completely the opposite to those I read earlier today. I 'see' positive vibes are in the air. The painting above is what I 'see' and it sure looks pretty good to me.

The Earth's Moves Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm

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