Thursday, May 31, 2007


There seems to be so a lot of talk about how our thoughts attract to us what we are thinking. So, beware if you are thinking bad thoughts because then you should expect bad things to happen to you. The solution [apparently] is to switch to positive thoughts all the time. This is a little difficult especially if you have not worked through the issues which seem to cause the bad thoughts to perpetuate. I do believe that thoughts are more than just ephemeral 'things' which once 'thought' are lost forever. There are questions which entice. Like...Why do some people have the same thought at the same time? Is there a collective thought process and an individual thought process? Is thinking about something too much likely to actually expell or repulse? Why do fleeting thoughts seem to hold so much potential? Why can someone ring if you have been thinking about them?

Recently I have been taught more about releasing and letting go those thoughts which really are not useful to me. What I have found is that as they are released certain insights occur as to why the thoughts were there in the first place. Further irradication must take place at this point otherwise those pesky bad thoughts want to revisit a fertile ground. I am e believer of the notion that positive affirmations have their place. My expereince lately is that the irradication process leaves more space for the affirmation...or faith to take hold.

Living Thoughts Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm

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