Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I am really very happy with this painting as it takes my attention every time I look at it. It is currently leaning against a wall in my living room. It took forever to complete as the line work is very detailed and needed a few coats of paint. The dark background tends to swallow colour if layering does not take place. I wanted to create the feeling of past and future history with a nod to the present. I wanted to give the feeling of history taking place against a backdrop of the history of the Universe. Puts things into a perspective where understanding can take place I think.

Shared Destinies Oil on linen 120 x 160 cm


Maria W said...

Just located your blog through my friend, Bronwyn.

I love your paintings! Very stunning!

Bronwyn said...

Kathryn, it looks so much like a fox tail to me, reminds me of "Basil Brush" actually! - is it meant to be a play on your surname?

By the way, thank-you for visiting & commenting on my blog. I have replied to your comment about Violinist in Scarlet there.

I also grew up on a farm, in SE Qld. I do enjoy my 2-3 trips to Brisbane each year, for movies, shopping, & restaurants, but I love the peace & quiet of country life.