Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Thursday June 28 is the opening of my exhibition at The Upfront Club, 31 Maple Street, Maleny, Queensland, Australia @ 6.30 pm. I am speaking about my work at around 7 pm. The Upfront Club is great. The most Happening place I've been to in a long time.
The painting above Mountains and Metaphors will be in the exhibition. It will be the largest painting @ 80 x 120 cm. The other paintings will be a selection from the last couple of years. Predominantly the works on show will represent my interest in using landscape forms as metaphors for relationships whether they be with ourselves, other individuals or between collectives such as countries.
I hope my work causes people to think. I am not interested in being didactic or to even voice an opinion. I hope my work is more subtle than that. I like it when my images make people tell me their stories because something resonates for them. This is in contrast to me telling my story for its sake only.

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