Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am very pleased. My entry in the Prometheus Art Award has been preselected for the final judging. ( The painting I entered is 'Earth's Pulse' which I have previously written about on this blog.

I attended the Open Day 'Maximal' exhibition at Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery yesterday. I have two oil paintings plus a portfolio of unframed work in the exhibition. There are 19 other artists in the show. Each of the artists spoke a couple of times during the afternoon. It is a good exercise because it makes it clearer in my own mind what I am trying to achieve. It also opens up new ideas or extensions to ideas. It is also interesting to hear other artist's motivations and thoughts.

The image above comes from my Children's Series and is an unframed gouache on paper in the portfolio I have left at the gallery. This painting was inspired by seeing my children pretend to be the person they thought was required at school. They hid behind masks from a young age to please teachers and peers. I call this the 'Good Girl Syndrome'. It is an insidious problem and one which does not get attention. How many anorexics suffer from this I wonder?

'Maximal' continues until31 May. Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery, 54 LaTrobe Tce, Paddington. Wed-Sat 10.30-5

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