Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have been painting. The problem is I am not very good at photographing oils. I will get them professionally photographed when I have a number of them.

One result of the way I paint is that I end up getting paint all over me. So, if I am at the physio or trying shoes on I often have to explain my multi coloured feet, or the red streak across my back, or my deplorable finger nails. My children die of embarrassment when I turn up at school with paint on my face [and I don't know it is there].

The image above is called 'Assimilation' and is part of my bride series. I was thinking about how the country bride becomes part of the land. Her spirit imbeds itself in the community and the earth as she becomes absorbed by country life. When your very existence and survival is dependent on the land and weather you do become very attuned to the earth's rhythms. I have a plethora of female ancestors who married country men. These women were pioneers marking out their own identities and contributing to thier communities.

I am included in a group exhibition with 19 artists 'Maximal' at Robyn Bauer Gallery, 54 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, Brisbane www.robynbauergallery.com.au The exhibition opens this Saturday 21 April, 12 noon-6 pm. Robyn is calling it an open day as the artists will be there to chat to people. Gallery hours are Wed-Sat 10.30-5 pm. Please come along.

Assimilation 80 x 100 cm Oil on linen

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