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Multiple Landscapes Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm

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1. Some words for Multiple Landscapes
2. Photos of Multiple Landscapes in progress
 3. Finalist in 'Seeing Stars' Art Award. Hosted by the SKA [Square Kilometre Array, the world's largest telescope]
1. Multiple Landscapes
Regular readers will know of my interest in the concept of seeing multiple perspectives, literal and metaphoric. I suggest that skills in seeing multiple perspectives, even simultaneously, are imperative as we move through the 21st century. The cavalcades of new discoveries about the Universe demand it.

So, to my new painting Multiple Landscapes. Yes, it is a 'loaded' title. It can be 'read' as a painting of
two literal landscapes, maybe even more if the viewer sees landscape in the negative spaces. Yet, I was thinking a bit more deeply than that! These are some of those thoughts [but not all of them!!!]:

  •  The landscape on the right is representative of the macro world, the world of vastness, great size and distance. The other, almost 'mirror' landscape, is representative of the micro world, that dimension that embraces its own type of vastness, one that cannot be seen, yet holds energy forces that drive existence. The two 'sides' of landscape encapsulate the concept of the ouroboros, the age-old symbol of the snake eating its own tail, used by modern cosmologists to visually describe the relationship between the cosmic and quantum worlds. Regular readers will know that I have used this symbol in my paintings. Here are a couple of links COSMIC OUROBOROS and OUROBOROS

  • I was thinking that 'landscape' is a metaphor for psyche. The seemingly mirrored landscapes in Multiple Landscapes could be variously the conscious and subconscious, the ego and shadow, order and disorder, being awake and dreaming. The negative spaces offer a tantalising suggestion that there's more to discover.
  • I was keen to make the orientation of the landscapes somewhat ambiguous. Yet, as I have presented the painting above ie: horizontally, the tops of the mountains 'read' as the horizon. Yet, the 'bottom' of the landscapes can also be 'read' as an horizon. When flipped on its side the painting takes on another perspective.

  • Regular readers will know of my interest in un-tethering concepts of landscape from being Earth-bound. In an age where cosmological research is revealing more and more about the close and far distances of the Universe, I believe it is important that concepts of 'landscape' extend to embrace cosmic perspectives. Why? Because these kinds of perspective clearly show that Earth is our home and the Universe is our environment. We have nowhere else to go [at least for the long present!], so we'd better look after our home. With Multiple Landscapes I was also thinking about a Universal 'landscape' that reaches across time and space. I have previously written about my ideas on un-tethering's one previous post UNTETHERED LANDSCAPE
  • A recent article 'Can The U.S. Create A National Park On The Moon' reveals a lot about attachment. It also scarily heralds a need to really question our behaviour towards 'landscape' in the broadest sense. Imagine if Earthly nations started pegging out Space, colonising with a national identity. 'Navel gazing' leads to small horizons and potentially dangerous actions, because the perspective used is not multi-dimensional.

2. Photos of Multiple Landscapes in progress:

There are more photos in my last post INSPIRATION AND PROCESS

  Early preparation

 Building the layers of colour

Time to ponder is an important part of my process...I sit and ponder - What next?...if anything. Pondering gives time for the realisation that something may or may not need more.
3. 'Seeing Stars' Art Award
My painting Where? [image below] is a finalist in the 'Seeing Stars' Art Award.
'Seeing Stars' is a celebration of art and astronomy inspired by the world's largest telescope - the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) which will be co-hosted here in Australia. 
Click HERE to find details of the finalists. When you are on the page, click OPEN FINALISTS and you will be taken to a page which shows all the finalists artwork.
There were around 2,000 entries with 177 finalists. I am very excited about my painting being one of them.
I will be sending Where? to Melbourne for the exhibition of finalists works, which will be at Federation Square from August 13. The judges will be deciding a winner at this.
You can be involved too. There's a vote for a 'People's Choice'. On the page of images 'Where?' is first on the third row...that's if you want to vote for me!!! To vote...for any tick 'My Favourite' and then at the top of the page there is a 'Submit' button.
I previously wrote about Where? in a post called LOOKING IN THE REAR VISION MIRROR
For more information about the SKA...and it is exciting and fascinating...please click HERE
Where? Oil on linen 50 x 50 cm 2013

Oh...and one last thing...please check out my new page COSMIC ADDRESS ...getting ready for my solo exhibition COSMIC ADDRESS in Brisbane in October!

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