Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Girl May Leave The Country, But The Country Never Leaves The Girl.

 Two Horizons Oil on linen 80 x 120 cm 2002
On Thursday and Friday last week I went on an adventure to Outback Queensland. I flew from Brisbane to Roma and then was driven to Mitchell, which is about an hour west of Roma. I had a great time!
I went out west to judge the Mitchell Art Show. When I was invited to be the judge, a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity to return to the country and look at art. And, none of it disappointed.
The very active local Mitchell Art Group has been hosting the annual art show and competition for 14 years. It is an efficiently run exercise that attracts art from the local area and further afield. Local art shows are incredibly important for all sorts of reasons. I take my hat off to the organisers of the Mitchell Art Show and all the contributors. I spent 18 years being involved, with many others, in the Goondiwindi Art Show and I know what it's like to be organiser, exhibitor, hanger, provider, and more!
I judged painting, sculpture and photography sections, plus a couple of junior sections. The Maranoa Art Gallery, in the main street of Mitchell, is a great space. It is obviously a cultural hub for the townspeople and for those who live in the surrounding region.
The overall winner was a young grade 12 student from Roma, Darcy Foott. He won with an amazing photograph. It is an image which takes an iconic piece of rural infrastructure ie: the high water tank into new perspectives! The tank stand was under-lit in a theatrical manner revealing a kind of sculptural essence. Darcy had taken a shot looking upwards capturing the tank stand's lit underbelly and then taking the viewer beyond to the glittering night sky.
Many people drove for an hour or more to attend the opening on Friday night. It was a fun night where, after speeches by me, organises and sponsors, I settled into lots of chatting, plus catching up with old school friends!
And, because you normally see photos of me in my painting gear, here's a photo of me all dressed up for the Art Show opening.
TWO HORIZONS Oil on linen 80 x 120 cm
I chose to upload Two Horizons with this post, because it reflects the country/city elements of my life. I am sure many people can relate to this, for all sorts of reasons. This was painted in 2002, so over ten years ago. There's an old goes something like this...The girl may leave the country, but the country never leaves the girl.
Why? Because I have been so busy lately I have not done any if you'd like to read about my recent work please check out MULTIPLE LANDSCAPES
My next exhibition:
15 to 27 October 2013 at Graydon Gallery, Brisbane.
I am really excited about this show. Shall keep you posted!

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