Sunday, June 23, 2013


Playing With Landscape Oil on linen 80 x 90 cm

Playing With Landscape continues with the 'playful' theme of my recent painting and post, both called Other Worlds, Ahoy!  However, in Playing With Landscape there is not referential landscape for the viewer to find a 'safe' and sure orientation. Rather, 'landscape' seems to float in an undefined place and space, which could also be described as 'landscape', although nebulously so.

In Playing With Landscape there is no orientating landscape to call 'Ahoy' to or from. Indeed, as the Universe expands, one day in the far distant future, we may loose sight of the galactic entities we orientate ourselves to?

With Playing With Landscape  I wanted a sense of many things! While I was painting I was thinking about:
  • Planets in Space
  • Scattered remnants of Earth in Space
  • Cellular organisms or other particles seen under a microscope
  • Manmade nanobots roaming...somewhere?
  • Thoughts
  • Souls
  • Life
  • Released notions of what 'landscape' is in an age where cosmological research is revealing more and more about the close and far distances of the Universe.
  • Untethered landscape
Using the word 'landscape' very loosely I perceive it everywhere! I sense it's demand to be untethered from Earth-bound horizons.

Regular readers will identify my fascination with perspective in the various possibilities this painting suggests. Some are vast and others intimate, some are exterior and others whisper of an interiority that is intimate, yet vast in possibility. Some are material and some are...not.

Regular readers will also see my much loved age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life symbol. It appears to erupt from each planet, remnant, soul. It's suggests a connectivity...a

I invite you to play with landscape too.

My last post My Studio/s proved to be quite popular with its photos of me in my studio etc. People have requested more photos of me doing my 'thing'.
So, here we go.

Me putting the finishing touches to Playing With Landscape oil on linen 80 x 90 cm.
I can see more clearly in the bright sunshine.
Me working on Playing With Landscape. I don't normally have a grin on my face as I work, but my daughter, who took the photos, said I had to smile! She has taken more, including a video which I'll put up soon.
In the meantime here is a photo of me [below] preparing a stretched linen for my next painting. My daughter has taken a video of me doing the prep...and quickened it, so that my movements are like Charlie it looks really funny! She also managed to cut my head off for most of it. Ha!
My 2013 solo exhibition was
15- 27 October
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