Monday, June 17, 2013


I have no new work to show off this post, so I thought I'd upload some photos of me in my studio. I have two spaces where I paint at my house. One is the room in the photo above, which also houses the hot water system and fuse box! It's where I paint my works on paper. The map drawers are great storage for unframed paintings. I've had them for over twenty years.
The second space is my garage. No longer a place for cars! It is where I stack some stretched linen paintings, as well as paint them. My easel, paints and brushes are always there. However, many of my paintings start off flat on the ground, like the photo below of me kneeling beside a canvas. Lots of turps and paint ends up on the concrete floor. I have to be careful not to walk in it and bring it onto the carpet inside the main part of the house.
The third working space in my house is my office, where I am in the photo below. Here I am on the phone, obviously having been called into the office from my studio. My paint shirt [fortunately] matches my eyes! My office is very near both of my studio spaces...and yes I have managed to get paint on the carpet...and you can see some on the phone too.
I am really lucky to have space to paint and work. One of the best things is being able to leave my paints, brushes etc out...not having to pack them away. It gives me freedom to come and go as needed, especially on those busy days where other distractions need and demand attention. You know things like doing my tax, running after children, cleaning the pool, mowing the lawn...general 'stuff'!
The three photos above were taken by my daughter. I won't show you the embarrassing ones! There's a great one of me on the phone with a face mask [the kind which promises better skin!] on....
And... just so you can see me dressed well, here's a photo [below] taken by talented Brisbane based photographer Gillian Van Niekerk from Vann Photography You can find Vann Photography on Facebook too.
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Cosmic Ouroboros Oil on linen 120 x 150 cm 2012
I will have a new painting to show you next time.

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