Sunday, June 22, 2014


The Horizon Has Disappeared Gouache on paper 46 x 115 cm 2014
The horizon has disappeared...what does this mean? Well, for me, quite a number of things.
  • With new cosmological research known horizons about the Universe have been transcended, yielded, vanquished. So, whilst literal horizons have been pushed to places beyond dreams, what does this mean for other kinds of horizons? What other kinds? Well, let's see...humanity's future and past: the Universe's past and future: humanity's intellectual, emotional and spiritual capabilities and beliefs...and more. It's exciting... and daunting.
  • What does it mean to be human in an age where augmented reality, simulation, artificial intelligence and technology 'provide' so-called enhanced experiences, automated labour, economic benefits and more? The horizons of possibility, once viewed as science fiction, are now not so fantastical. They may have been propelled afar, but they are also often obscured. And, if they are, what else maybe obscured, hazy or blurred? Entering a fog can be frightening. If it lifts there's often a bright sunny day, but if it doesn't...?
  • The horizon of what constitutes threat to individuals, nations and the world has shifted. Terrorism, cyber terrorism, bio terrorism, trans-national crime are all now aided and abetted via technology...yet technology is something we welcome into our everyday lives, often without thinking of its dark side...or even being aware that there is a potential dark side. Squadrons of fighter jets, no matter how hi-tech, will have little impact on an orchestrated cyber attack...don't you think? Traditional modes of defence left their horizons back in the 20th century. New defensive and pre-emptive tactics, I suggest, will be found in scientific research plus new ways of forging relationship and exchange. And, culture and the arts are vey much part of this! [If you do a quick Google on the top threats to world/national security all of the ones I have listed above are mentioned.]
  • I wrote a post awhile ago where I suggested that the driverless car maybe a metaphor for the disappearance of landscape. How? Well, imagine a car being driven by a computer. The occupants are sitting behind darkened windows. They are passing the time with entertainment provided via various kinds of devices, some may even be imbedded in their bodies! Well, there's no need to look out the window is there! No need to orientate oneself, no need to keep a watchful eye on other traffic, road conditions, terrain etc. No need to distract children by pointing out interesting things along the way. In a sense the landscape disappears! As we lose literal sight of and interest in it, plus lose abilities to negotiate our way through it, what happens to horizons? Are they actually diminished? Do they disappear or are they extended? And, what about relationships if all occupants are individually entertained? No conversation, no commentary and probably no fights! My earlier post was called Looking Out The Windows
The Horizon Has Disappeared Gouache on paper 46 x 115 cm 2014
This is an ambiguous landscape. Is the viewer flying above the landscape? Or are they part of it? Is it actually a landscape?
For me 'landscape' is a metaphor for the internal 'landscape' of the human psyche. It is also a metaphor for many other kinds of 'landscape'...Universal, macro, micro, political, spiritual and more.
If you have a pair of simple 3d glasses put them on...the painting separates into various dimensions. Many of my paintings do this! The impression of multiple dimensions, alludes to multiple horizons! It also alludes to the possibility of other horizons beyond sight too. This I like very much. This 3d phenomena is not done deliberately...I have no desire to paint 3d, but I certainly like that it happens.
SEPTEMBER 2 - 14 2014
Graydon Gallery
29 Merthyr Rd, New Farm, Brisbane, Australia, Earth, The Universe!


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