Friday, June 27, 2014


 Forever Landscape Gouache on paper 50 x 57 cm 2014

What do I mean by Forever Landscape? Well lots of things really. Let's see...that landscape exists even without us observing it...or does it? The Universe, and maybe the Multiverse, exists in some kind of endless perpetuity and thus landscape does too. The macro and micro extend beyond our imaginations, with science chasing their tails revealing more horizons as old ones are relinquished. 

Terrain Gouache on paper 50 x 57 cm 2014
Terrain = land, topography, territory, ground, landscape, environment.
My painting Terrain appears to be all of the above descriptors. Yet, I thinks it's funny how the literal meaning of these words can be used metaphorically or analogously.
I recently visited Berlin's Topography of Terrors [Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Centre]. It is a fascinating, sobering and sombre place to visit. For me the use of the word 'topography,' in the title of the exhibition centre, was an interesting choice. In a way it made the prospect of visiting the centre more intriguing, as if the visitor was to negotiate, navigate, explore whatever was on offer to see. The idea that 'terrors' can be mapped is implied by the word 'topography'...and not simply mapped by geographical places of terror, but by social, political and cultural inputs as well. The title of the centre Topology of Terrors is certainly not as benign or mundane as if it had been called Museum of Terrors.
There's something about invoking a sense of landscape that adds to an experience, whether it be reading an article, visiting an exhibition centre, understanding a political situation and more. For example when someone says 'political landscape' I immediately feel my expectations broaden. When someone describes an environment as a 'cultural environment', my perception and expectation shifts. When someone describes an event or a phenomena as 'unknown territory' it adds a serious weight to what may transpire to be a dilemma. When a person 'holds their ground' in an argument or debate, there's gravitas.
And...all of this brings me to universal landscape! By using the word 'landscape' the Universe becomes more familiar...don't you think? Less daunting, more exciting, a place to explore. That's why I suggest we need to untether ideas of what landscape is, from Earth-bound horizons, to explore unknown territories, new ground, galactic environments...and more...the forever landscape!
My next solo exhibition is called:
2 - 14 September 2014
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