Thursday, November 30, 2006

Super Mum

I have painted eleven 30 x 30 cm paintings on board for the Doggett Street Gallery Christmas Exhibition Friday 15 th December. This painting is one of them. It is called Super Single Mum and yes it is me, but also every other single Mum out there! And actually every Mum. All Mothers are wonderful super women. I also wanted this Mum to look sexy. Well, I think she does.

This figure has multiple arms to represent the variety of jobs a Mother undertakes. A single Mother takes on many of the Father's roles so her list of talents/jobs is very extensive. Her long plait is my plait but it does look a bit like a whip! Well, what more can I say???

A little anecdote...Last weekend my middle daughter mowed the lawn. The guinea pig cage was moved to the carport and placed at the bottom of our front stairs. I asked the children to put the cage back on the grass when the mowing was complete. This did not happen for 2-3 days. When it finally was done a rather large pile of guinea pig poo and decaying seed was left at the bottom of the stairs [the cage has a perforated bottom]. I did not realise this for a whole day, during which we had 2-3 visitors to the house who I realised later had to walk over/through the poo! That evening when I went downstairs to take the car to get Indian take-away I was horrified to see this pile of unwelcoming poo. So ranting and raving I asked the youngest child [who belongs to the guinea pigs] to sweep the poo and seed away. No, she did not do this immediately. It happened the next day. Well, she did sweep it away...she swept it so it lay spread out all over the carport! No matter where you stepped there was a litel pellet of poo. And she brought the broom upstairs whithout shaking it and I had giunea pig poo all over the entry room. Guess, who ended up cleaning not only the entry room but also the carport? Moi! But, you know, I realised I did not give my youngest daughter clear instructions. I don't think she had ever used a broom before so had no idea how to sweep or that you need to shake the broom after use. I learnt just as much from this episode as the children did.

Super Single Mum Oil on baord 30 x 30 cm

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