Saturday, November 18, 2006


This work on paper is one of a large series of paintings which focuses on the bride. The paintings ranged from fairly benign observations about relationships to quite direct and confronting observations. I have just been reading the weekend papers and there are a number of articles about relationships. In the Weekend Australian Magazine we have an article about golfer Stuart Appleby's new love and one about new Dad's over the age of 50. The Courier Mail's 'Lustcause' is another. I have not finished the papers but I am sure there are a number of other articles. Relationships are a great source of fodder for magazines and newspapers. But, that's fine. We are all human and it is our relationships which determine so many of our life choices. I think my series of paintings about the bride are some of my most interesting work. I loved it. Some were funny, some thought provoking and some painful to look at. Unfortunately the series did not get the attention I felt it deserved. I wondered why? Still wondering. Is it because I am in my 40s and not my 20s thus fitting in with the cult of youth???

The painting above was inspired by my youngest daughter's exclamation when she heard that her Father had remarried without telling us. We learnt by letter after the event. My daughter was 5 years old.

But Mummy I Wanted To Be A Bridesmaid Gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm unframed

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