Monday, November 13, 2006


I used the term Woop Woop the other day in a conversation with my kids. They had no idea what I meant. So, I presume many others may not know what is meant by Woop Woop too. It means a place so far out there, at the back of beyond, past the black stump, isolated and harsh...that's Woop Woop. I lived in a small country town for a long time...that's Woop Woop as far as I am concerned!

It is a fascinating turn of phrase...Woop Woop. But, I cannot figure out how I can relate it to my painting above which is called Universal Connection, other than to say that even those who live out Woop Woop have connections. It is the six degrees of separation phenomena. AND in Queensland I think you could almost say it's two degrees of separation. Everyone seems to know someone who knows someone else, who knows someone you went to school with or had a baby in the same hospital or Mother went to the same school as your Mother or....your ex husband's new wife went to school with! Now I am confused.

Having said all this I have experienced strange connections all over the world. In London in 1986 I was stopped in the street walking back from the theatre by someone who went to kindergarten with me in 1963! In Dubai I have met people who know this and that person. In Paris I ran into a person who used to live in Goondiwindi where I lived for eighteen years...we were at the Notre Dame. In Abu Dhabi I did not run into anyone I went to kindy with, but I met people I felt connected too. It's the art you know! It worked its magic.

Universal Connection Oil on linen 60 x 100 cm

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