Friday, November 10, 2006


The exhibition in Dubai opened on Wednesday night. I have heard lots of people were there, but have not heard about anything else. It is now Friday and the weekend in Dubai, so I will have to wait until Sunday.

But, some good news. Today, I have had three people contact me by email interested in my work. A very good sign. I like multiple enquiries in the one day. Certainly puts a smile on my face.

I have been painting on board lately. It is certainly a different surface to canvas, but it affords some magical moments as the paint drips and spreads. I have been painting small 30 x 30 cm paintings for the Doggett Street Gallery Christmas exhibition 15th December. See my previous post at

I have bought some larger pieces of marine ply to paint some bigger pictures. I am looking forward to experimenting and seeing what happens. I remember painting on board many years ago and enjoying the transluscent look I could achieve. I am really keen on the concepts of sharing and possibility, looking for symbols which say more than they initially appear to say.

You know I really love painting. I would dearly like to just paint all the time...but I appear to be good at other things too: like organising functions, being practical and being a great Mother [At least I try-On some days my children would agree and on others they would vehemently not agree!].

Unlimited Knowing looks at the power of the collective ie: collective prayer, collective singing, dreams, meditations and so on. I don't think people need to be litterally and physically in the same place. Thought has a power which does not need physical proximity. In fact, it probably exists outside time.

Unlimited Knowing Oil on linen 60 x 100cm

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