Monday, November 27, 2006


This time last year I was preparing to head off the the United Arab Emirates with my eldest daughter for my solo exhibition at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation. We spent a month over there and had Christmas in Dubai. I have never seen such wonderful Christmas decorations than those in the hotels and shopping centres of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They were fantastic. The stuff dreams are made of.

The photos above were all taken in Abu Dhabi. The first on the left is me in front of the Emirates Palace Hotel. It is amazing and so opulent. Gold plating, Rolls Royces, large spaces, beyond beautiful furniture, marble, domes............ Well worth a visit. I dressed up too.

The bottom photo is me on the sand dunes during a rest stop on our desert safari. These desert safaris are absolutely terrific. I have now been on a couple. My daughter got such a surprise that boring old Mum would even suggest going on a safari. Once the high powered landcruiser driven by a very good looking and heavy footed Syrian man left the main road the car seemed to leap like a leopard. My daughter was astonished as she really did not expect the speed or the thrill of rolling over the dunes. I know she saw me in a different light! The sunset over the dunes was breath taking.

The photo on the top right is me partnering with the belly dancer at the camp destination. My daughter nearly died when I agreed to go up on the stage to dance with the beautiful belly dancer...this was far too embarrassing. But, I think she was secretly impressed. It was such fun, but I nearly lifted the poor girl off her feet when she tried to twirl me under her arm! She was very short and I am 180 cm tall.

I am reminiscing. My daughter and I had a great time.

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