Saturday, December 12, 2015


 Two Humans Gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm 2015


On February 4th 2016, in Adelaide, South Australia, I am part of a panel discussing 'Space and Popular Culture'.

This public event is being hosted by the International Space University and the University of South Australia’s ‘Southern Hemisphere Space Program’. It will be at 6 pm, at the BH2-09 Lecture Theatre, City West Campus, Adelaide. Click HERE to visit the public events page and register.


I am having fun with my code paintings. Regular readers will know that a few of my recent posts have explored code and text in my work.

Two Humans. 

In Two Humans I've painted/instructed the word Human in binary code, twice. I've used multiple colours to give my humans some kind of nuance, personality, individuality. Both of my humans seem to hover in space, but then again the background may be the inside of a computer or a generated simulated environment, which would require even more code. But, it could also be space too.

This painting could be one of my cosmic landscapes...maybe a posthuman landscape...a post-Earth landscape. Perhaps it’s a future image of uploaded minds tripping around space, exploring its expanding parameters, long after our Earthly anchoring landscape no longer exists. I wonder if they'd 'feel' nostalgic, or a sense loss, anger, frustration...? Whatever, they might 'feel' I imagine them forming a kind of scape within the fabric of the universe! Kind of lonely really.

But, my two humans are not necessarily two separate humans...for indeed one could be a backup! I know, I know... the colour sequence does not match/mirror, but maybe this is deliberate? Maybe its more like an upgrade potential?

There are many interpretations! 

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