Wednesday, August 05, 2015

 Detail of Universal Code Oil on linen 92 x 102 cm 2015

Fellow-artist friend Mandy Ridley, gave me an idea for this post. Mandy is a very accomplished artist and I encourage you take a look at her website to see some of her amazing work. She commented on the fact that photos of my paintings don't reveal the 'exquisite' details. And, it's true...a photo of an entire painting does not allow the viewer to get close to the paint, to be startled by details that fall into a wholeness when seen from a distance. So, at Mandy's behest I took lots of photos of details.

The photo above is a detail from Universal Code. The detail image above reveals the string of binary code, expressing/instructing the word LIFE, which forms an amorphous encircling of a golden orb. The detail image also shows the 'terrain' of the background paint. I use the word terrain because whilst I manipulated the paint, I also let it do its own thing. With lots of turps and other manipulations, the background layers of colour travelled across the linen surface before settling and drying. The result, which I had hoped for, was a truly cosmic 'terrain' for me to work upon.


Below are two detail photos of Privileged Landscape? In both photos you can see the Australia cut-out and the texture of the red/orange/yellow background, which was created with a combination of deliberate 'accident', manipulations and over-painting.
Detail Privileged Landscape Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2015
Detail Privileged Landscape Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2015

Below is a detail photo of the painting Objects.

This painting was another one which really 'popped' when viewed through 3D glasses. The coloured balls seem to levitate away from the painting, whilst the pale coloured smaller balls remained on the surface of the image. The viewer really felt like they were travelling through a 'cosmos', whether it was a trip through the planets or one that passed by atoms. Yet, even without 3D glasses this painting does generate a feeling of travelling through or amongst things.

The detail photo shows one of the coloured balls against the background, which again is like a terrain. I allowed the paint to do its own thing, but with a manipulative eye and a dexterous hand.
Detail of Objects Oil on linen Oil on linen 85 x 147 cm 2015
 Detail of Seeking Perspective Oil on linen 92 x 102 cm 2015
Detail of Future Oil on linen 92 x 102 cm 2015
 Detail of Beyond Yesterday Oil on linen 80 x 55 cm 2014
Detail of Code Oil on linen 60 x 110 cm 2015


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