Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's Everything Oil on linen 50 x 50 cm

It's nearly the end of August and I suddenly realised that I was almost about to miss my Blog's 9th anniversary. I started this Blog in August 2006, never imagining that it would become such an intrinsic aspect of my work as an artist. Some un-imagined outcomes are:
  • The act of regularly writing has helped shape and sharpen my ideas.
  • The act of writing stirs new ideas too.
  • By posting once a week I have a kind of visual diary of my thoughts, paintings and influences.
  • Undertaking regular research about my influences and inspirations has broadened my ideas, but it has also been immensely intellectually satisfying.
  • Late last year I was invited by the State Library of Queensland to have my Blog archived in perpetuity on PANDORA, Australia's national archive of online sites of significance and ongoing research value. This was totally unexpected, but a delightful acknowledgement for me!
  • The ability to link posts etc to social media sites helps broaden my audience.
  • A dynamic Blog is also a wonderful way to easily promote my work to all kinds of people - buyers, curators, writers, galleries etc.
  • The regular writing has, I think anyway, helped improve my writing. This is a good [actually excellent!] thing because I am about to embark on a Research Higher Degree, a Master of Philosophy, at the University of Queensland, Australia. A thesis is a lot of writing!

One thing I never imagined in 2006, when I attended the artists' PR and Marketing seminar that set me on the blogging path, was that I would ever be invited to give a presentation on Blogging. BUT, this happened a couple of weeks ago! And, it went exceptionally well too. That early 2006 seminar was held at Metro Arts, Brisbane.

Here's a link to my Blog's 8th anniversary post. The most popular post in 2014 is still the most popular one in is Cosmic Ouroboros
Cosmic Ouroboros oil on linen 120 x 150 cm 2012
One thing that is new in the last year is that I am now on
Below is a screen shot of my INSTAGRAM profile/page
Please follow me!

And, here's another screen shot. It's of one of my other online presences - my website 'gallery' for CODE  - my 2015 solo exhibition

I have again been invited to participate in the
Tattersall's Landscape $30,000 Art Award
I am delivering the painting tomorrow.
Judging and opening is next week.
Below is a photo of my Tattersall's Art Prize entry all packed up and ready for delivery.
I've entered Life Calling Anyone There?


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