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Perspective Oil on linen 36 x 36 cm 2015
Firstly a shout out!
A wonderful woman called Kirsten Fogg has written a really terrific article Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox: Visual Artist and Cosmic Explorer about me and my work for her BLOG The Belonging Blog.
Kirsten explores what it means to belong- when, where, how - or not to belong!
In my last post In Sight I mentioned I was working on another of my tree-of-life paintings. got wiped.
Yes, another one of those paintings that just did not work out. But, as I wrote in an earlier post Sometimes Things Just Do Not Work Out  when things do not work out, it is simply part of the ongoing overall process of creation. Really... it's a bit silly to flog something, just to get it finished, when every time you look at it there's a sense that it's not quite right. In the act of annihilation, when you see it as part of a process, something else emerges. I've repeatedly found magic in these emergent places/spaces. The accidental, within a process, is often revelatory and refreshing. It forces a renegotiation, new insights, freedom even....and perspectives.
So that brings me to the painting above Perspective. This is not the painting that emerged from my lost tree-of-life! In fact that painting is still emerging. You will get to see it some time in the future.
Regular readers know of my great interest in perspective, literal and metaphoric. I suggest we need to develop skills in seeing multi perspectives, even simultaneously. In the 21st century it's imperative because cosmological research is revealing more and more about our Universal, maybe Multiversal, environment. Launching our imaginations beyond earth-bound horizons, opens us to new perspectives of ourselves, our planet and the vast environment beyond. In doing so we also untether landscape. It is released from Earth to embrace trajectories and scales that force us to think differently about how we orientate ourselves. Even the discovery of Earth-like planets, orbiting in the Goldilocks zone around distant stars, forces us to think of landscape! Indeed, to imagine another habitable planet, and some say there's a case for super habitability, we draw upon our imaginations to conjure images of what these planets might be like. And, we imagine ourselves in these 'landscapes'! As we do this we begin to orientate ourselves within Universal scales. Landscape, imagined or not, is like a magic carpet which keeps us 'grounded' and seemingly provides safety.
The whole of the Universe/Multiverse, across all temporal and special scales, is essentially the broadest sense of the word. We exist within this landscape of multiple scales, just as we exist within the known landscape of Earth. How we relate to and depict landscape orientates us not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. Identity is closely tied to landscape, whether it be urban, country, desert, the ocean...more often a combination brought together over time. As I have previously written, when we die we literally return to landscape. And, at some stage in the distant future, as a result of our sun's death throes, Earth will return to the Universe as cosmic dust.
My painting Perspective is a landscape, but unsurprisingly, an ambiguous one. Is the viewer above a landscape? If so, what kind of human-made features have formed a cross with a circle near centre? Maybe some kind of farming or mining landscape? But, rather than being above a landscape, maybe the viewer is looking through support strainers of a fence? Or perhaps scaffolding on a deep sea oil rig? Ah Ha! Maybe the viewer is looking out towards the night sky, whilst lying under a pergola? Or maybe looking through a telescope or camera?  Maybe it's a secret map providing clues to where golden treasure is buried?
Maybe the 'golden treasure' is the ability to see multiple perspectives...even simultaneously?
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