Wednesday, September 17, 2014



My exhibition Untethering Landscape: From Earth-Bound Horizons is now closed, but there's always a reverberation that continues after an exhibition ends its incarnation within a gallery space! I have some installation photos in this post, but you can see more at the exhibition's webpage HERE and at my last post HERE

I am pleased to report I had many, many visitors to the exhibition, I made some good sales and have a few more in the pipeline, plus I am pursuing avenues in the US.

Also, visitor numbers to my BLOG have greatly increased over the last week or so. THANK YOU visitors!

Me briefly talking about Life Takes A Cosmic Perspective
I did a lot of talking at the exhibition...and not only at my artist's talk. The engagement with people was fantastic. I've uploaded videos, in this post, where I very briefly chat about two of the paintings in Untethering Landscape. Love my Aussie accent...well not entirely?! One video is above and the other is below.
And, the 3D glasses were a hit. Yes, my paintings go 3D when viewed with 3D glasses. I do not try to paint just happens. But, I am very happy that it does happen, because...after all...I am dealing with other dimensions...out there! I write about the 3D phenomena HERE


Me briefly talking about Pale Blue Dot


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Wayne Singleton said...

Glad that you feel that the exhibition was a success. It is such stressful time leading up to a show, and your work looked powerful and beautiful Kathryn, congratulations.