Thursday, September 11, 2014


My exhibition Untethering Landscape: From Earth-Bound Horizons is attracting lots of interest. The show ends Sunday 14 September at 6 pm. The doors are open each day from 10 am till 6 pm. 29 Merthyr Rd, New Farm, Brisbane, Australia.

Here are some photos from the exhibition, the opening and the Tibetan Bowl Meditation which was lead by Gabriele Engstrom.

There's a short article about Untethering Landscape in Brisbane's MAP magazine. Click HERE and 'turn' to page 47

3D 3D 3D 3D
One of the really intriguing things about the exhibition is that most of the paintings go 3D when viewed through 3D glasses. I have provided a number of glasses for viewers to use and as soon as they put them's OH WOW! One of the most dramatic Life Takes A Cosmic Perspective is in the photo below. With many of the paintings you feel like you can reach around behind the planets...some even seem to move as you walk from side to side! I don't try to paint 3D, but I am really happy that it happens...after all I am thinking about other dimensions.

L to R: Life Takes A Cosmic Perspective, The Universe Draws You Out Like A Multi-Dimensional Horizon [inspired by Tim Winton] and Birth Of Landscape

 At The Opening

 There's Me

I've had a great time talking with visitors to the exhibition. I have given many impromptu artist's talks. The topic of cosmology and how it has inspired me provides endless avenues for discussion, conversation and wonder.

And Me Again - After Gabriele had lead the Tibetan Bowl Meditation Untethering Sound

For the meditation... we darkened the gallery, after talking about imagining oneself floating in space...everyone was lying on the floor on mats...then Gabriele hit the first bowl and the incredible sound reverberated into one's inner core of being like a heightened pulse. Half an hour of amazing sounds sent us to all sorts of places...out there!



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