Saturday, August 30, 2014


Crisp clean and white blank canvases. [I use Belgian linen]

In March this year I wrote a post called The Blank Canvas  In this post I discussed the topic of 'The Blank Canvas' from an academic point of view, as well as from an artist's practical/emotional experience.

In May this year I wrote a post called A painting's Capacity To Approve Or Veto: An Artist's Process In this post I write about the relationship between the artist and their processes, outcomes and medium/s. I discuss the 'dialogue' between a painter and his/her painting.

The journey from 'blank canvas' to a painting is charged with moments of excitement, wonder, despair, frustration.

So...the blank canvases in the photo above have 'travelled' their journey of transformation into paintings, like the 'untethered landscapes' in the photo below. These paintings will be exhibited in my Untethering Landscape show which opens next week. They have just been varnished and are drying. To get this point, where they are ready to hang, is a long process...a long journey. I started work for my exhibition well over a year ago, even before my last show Cosmic Address. I work consistently and I paint most days, in between all the other things life brings forth, particularly with three children. 
Just varnished paintings ready for my next exhibition Untethering Landscape Opens next week!
Mid Back: Point Of View
Right: Beacon

I am really looking forward to Untethering Landscape. Doors open Tuesday 2 September and close Sunday 14 September. The show will be open every day from 10 am - 6pm.

Putting on a exhibition is a huge practical and logistical activity. It is also a highly emotionally charged experience. Why? An artist, like me, works alone most of the time. Apart from a social media presence and the occasional art prize, there is little or no opportunity to show off our work. An exhibition is an artist's opportunity to show their inspiration and creativity to the world. We reveal not only our work, but something of ourselves! An exhibition is a brief window in time where we venture out into the public, shedding the safety of the studio confines.

At a highly complex level an exhibition is a cultural experience, nuanced with a plethora of things, such as history, debate, politics, aesthetics, conversation and more. Yet at a very simple level an be like a trade show, where the artist shows off their wares.

Art Exhibition / Trade Show...there's a huge capacity in the space between these two descriptions for a mixture of emotions, hopes and fears that range from the esoteric to the practical, from the desirous to the spectre of criticism, from the romantic to extreme hard physical yakka, from cultural to economic.

In September last year I wrote a post called Putting On A Show where I explain what 'putting on a show' actually entails. In this post I write about the artist as not only producer but also provider, PR person, marketing manager, event organiser, administrative guru and more!
 Birth of Worlds Oil on linen 93 x 102 cm 2014
This painting will be in Untethering Landscape

2 - 14 September
Open daily 10 am - 6 pm
Graydon Gallery 29 Merthyr Rd, New Farm, Brisbane, Australia
Artist's Talk: Sunday 7 September 10.30 am
Please check out the exhibition's webpage HERE
Next week also sees the opening of the Tattersall's Club $30,000 Landscape Art Prize
Plus the announcement of the winner
You can view the history of the prize plus 2014 entries HERE
Very happy to say I have been invited to enter again. The competition is by invitation.

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Have fun at the show. Great art.