Sunday, June 26, 2016


In The Zone Gouache on paper 24 x 32 cm 2016

Like many people in the world I watch current events and developments- everything from US elections, our forthcoming Australian federal elections, BREXIT, financial news and markets, world and Australian art news, environmental updates, the ubiquity of social media, fast paced development of artificial intelligence, weaponised technology, war and conflict in various places around the world, refugee news and lots more. There seems to be a tapestry of mayhem and uncertainty at the moment! 

So, I have been thinking about perspective...yes regular readers will know that ideas of perspective, both literal and metaphoric, have interested me for many many years. In the current world, perspective seems to have lost its scope! This is despite astronomers delving deeper into our universe, showing us that the literal distance of perspective is seemingly endless, and that the perspective of time is equally so. In doing so science has highlighted humankind's place not only within Earth's trajectory through time and space, but also the Universe's. Now that's very big picture stuff which should stretch our capacities to think deeply about different points of view...even as I have suggested before...maybe developing skills in seeing multiple perspectives simultaneously. Humankind's survival and the planet's sustainability may depend on it. 

Boundaries? Gouache on paper 21 x 29,5 cm 2016

Yet, the current world seems to be one where divides in beliefs strangle perspective and create abyss-like voids that seem impossible to traverse. These are potentially dangerous zones if caught in them. Perspective cannot wield its revelatory capacities in dark dark places where steep walls provide little opportunity for escape. The sky and the universe cannot be seen from deep within the abysses' darkness...perspective's, literal and metaphoric, agency is the dark it becomes difficult to see another's point of view...ignorance...

But, we know that for every abyss there is a tall mountain with expansive views  - the opposite also exists. Both the abyss and the tall mountain reminds us of human endeavour. It's all about perspective...really.  

I propose that art can provide a guiding light! And, in its own way partner with science's universal reach that teaches us about perspective's revelatory capacities. In doing so wonder and imagination work their magic - stirring spirit. 

It Depends on Your Perspective  Gouache on paper 24 x 32 cm 2016

These three works on paper are all landscapes in one sense but they are also many other things! Depends on your perspective!


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