Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Feel The Energy Gouache on paper 40 x 110 cm 2003

 As promised in my last post, here are some more paintings from my map drawers.

This post exhibits a few of my older landscapes, ones that seem to delve inside the landscape. But, upon reflection I now see that each one reveals a cosmos within. Each one could be an imagined depiction of the vast landscape of the Universe, and maybe the Multiverse.

 Hovering Gouache on paper 52 x 114 cm 2003
As you can see from the dates, these paintings are around ten years old. At that time I explored landscape with an interest in the macro and micro, but I had not consciously launched my perspective into space. Yet, maybe my subconscious was already there?
Certainly, as a child, I used to lie in my bed and wonder about how far space went, where was the beginning, was there an end, how did it all start? These questions even kept me awake some nights.
My Heart Sings Gouache on paper 56 x 115 cm 2005

The five works on paper are either stored in my map drawer or have been sold. Thus, I don't get to see them much. But, recently I went through my map drawer...tidying it up...and I spent time with works on paper I had not seen for ages.

The impact of seeing new perspectives in these older paintings is both startling and greatly satisfying. It certainly does make me think about the influence of the subconscious.

And, maybe it is a mixture of my individual subconscious and also that of the collective subconscious, where all history perhaps resides!? 

 Memory Traces of The Land Gouache on paper  52 x 114 cm 2003 [sold]

The Mirage Gouache on paper 52 x 114 cm 2003 [sold]

The painting below Traces Of Spirit is the only oil on linen painting in this small online exhibition. I actually have it hanging on a bedroom wall. So, I do see it regularly. Yet, it was not until I reflected upon the works on paper, after their long dark 'sleep' in my map drawer, that I looked at Traces Of Spirit with new eyes. Yes, it is much more than a landscape, but at the time of painting it, I was thinking about spirit in the land, the Earth. Now I see more Universal/Multiversal forces!

Traces Of Spirit Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm 2003

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