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In the sand dunes outside Abu Dhabi 2005 
My solo exhibition was held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation in December 2005
What do I mean by TOOL KIT? If you're a regular reader you will know I don't necessarily mean it as a literal tool kit, like the one a builder might have. My 'tool kit' still 'builds' though.
I was reminded of my thoughts about a metaphoric 'tool kit' when I listened to the recording of the speech I made, as guest speaker, at the University Of Queensland's 2008 graduation ceremony for the Faculties of Arts, and Social and Behavioural Sciences. I chose the topic of 'Perspective' and alluded to the idea that an academic education is one tool, an important one, in the 'tool kit' for life.
I very firmly 'wore' my 'artist's hat' for the speech, suggesting that many of the attributes artists employ to create their work are important for everyone. I used various aspects of perspective as a way of illustrating this. Towards the end of the speech I suggest that an education is like a brush stroke on a canvas...that as time goes by a picture of a life emerges. But, like an artist we can move back and forth from the 'canvas' of life to gain new perspectives...and the possibility of new directions.
You can listen to my speech at this link:
I recently wrote a post about PUTTING ON A SHOW It's an insight into the plethora of things an artist needs to think about when 'putting on a show' ie: an exhibition. It explains some of the more practical 'tools' in my 'kit'!
That's Life Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm 2006

So, while I am on the topic of the University of Queensland...I have been nominated for one of the three graduate positions on the University of Queensland Senate.
The election period is Tuesday 8 October - 9 am Monday 21 October.
Voting will be via an online ballot only.
Click HERE to view all nominations, plus access links to the ballot page. If you are a graduate of UQ you are eligible to vote for graduate representation. However, you will need your student number...I know...not something you keep in the forefront of your memory. But, all is not lost, you can ring or email the Elections Officer and she will retrieve your student number. [Ms Tina Ferguson, Elections Officer on  61 (07) 3365 3360 or at uqelections@uq.edu.au] If you email her please provide your name [graduating name], birth date and preferred email address.
Needless to say, I'd be delighted if you would vote for me please. I am keen to be part of the University's ongoing quest for rigour and excellence, especially in the fast paced life of the 21st century. I'd definitely employ the powers of 'perspective' I've gained over many years... and learn new ones too.
1980 B.A. [Double major Art History]
2001 Successfully completed a bridging course to enable entry, by invitation, into a PhD [Art History]. I decided not undertake the PhD because I wanted to concentrate on my visual art practice.
A full CV can be viewed HERE

COSMIC ADDRESS: Earth Maybe Our Home, But The Universe Is Our Environment
Tuesday 15 - Sunday 27 October
Cosmic Address Oil on linen 90 x 180 cm 2013
My next solo exhibition is just around the corner.
The gallery's 'cosmic address' is:
Graydon Gallery,
29 Merthyr Rd,
New Farm,
Milky Way,
The Universe/Multiverse/21st Century.
EXHIBITION DATES: Tuesday 15 - Sunday 27 October.
Open daily 10 am - 6 pm or by appointment
All the details, artist's statement, events and images can be viewed on my
All the paintings, prices etc can be viewed HERE
My last BLOG post COUNT DOWN was a playful ramble about the 'count down' to COSMIC ADDRESS...
-Playing with ideas stimulated by the recent discovery by physicists of the amplituhedron.
-Plus Prof Nick Bostrom's theories on post-humans manipulating us via computer simulations.
-Plus a short reflection on Jean Baudrillard.
All this 'play' posing questions about whether a count down and a cosmic address are possible or not!

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