Friday, May 18, 2012


A Road Somewhere Oil on linen 120 x 80 cm  2002-3

I've uploaded this older painting 'A Road Somewhere' because it illustrates the unexpected traversing of many horizons on life's journey.

Why am I being nostalgic about life's journey? Well...this week I was interviewed by Heather Price for her segment on the BLOG TALK RADIO show The Difference. We discuss, over nearly 40 minutes, various subjects stimulated by art. Heather particularly focused, at one stage, on my recent painting 'Ouroboros'  [below]

This is Heather's second interview with me, and I enjoy her deep and spiritual insights and questions. We both grew up 'out west', on farms. We did not meet until the early 1980s, when we were both young living in the town of Goondiwindi and Heather on a nearby sheep station. We painted together in Goondiwindi with Flying Arts and also worked, with 4 others, on a collaborative installation piece with artist in residence, Lyndall Milani. This installation was facilitated through Arts Queensland and the Insitute of Modern Art, in Brisbane. Both Heather and I now live in Brisbane. We both still have a very close connection to the land. Please check out Heather's fascinating website HERE

                                       Go West Young Woman  Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm 2003

                                             Ouroboros Oil on linen 122 x 153 cm 2012


In July 2008 I was the invited guest speaker for the University of Queensland's graduation ceremony for the Faculties of Arts, and Behavioural and Social Sciences. I chose the topic of 'Perspective' and even though the event was a celebration of academic success, I wore my artist's 'hat' with the intention of discussing how my art practice stimulates my intellectual life and vice versa. I got some great feedback from academics, graduating students and their parents. I discovered yesterday that there is a audio recording of my speech. Please click HERE to hear it.


My entry into Scope Galleries Art Award-Art Concerning The Environment is a finalist. I sent the painting to the gallery last week. The award is announced June 2.

I have been invited to exhibit again in the BGS Art Show opening Friday 3rd August until 4th August.
My work sold last year and received good feedback, so I am keenly looking forward to this year's exhibition. The BGS exhibition has a reputation for its quality and curation in a non-gallery situation.

I have been invited again to enter the $25,000 Tattersall's Landscape Art Prize. It opens at the Tattersall's Club, Brisbane September 5th. The exhibition is moved to Waterfront Place for public exhibition on the 8th Septmber until 21st September.

And, I am wating to hear about a few other prizes, opportunities etc. Will let you know what happens!


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