Monday, May 07, 2012


On The Edge Gouache on paper 34.5 x 53.5 cm 2001

So, since Quiver finished a week ago I have cleaned out my studio, ready for me to start work again soon. In my clearing out I have re-discovered some old paintings, including On The Edge above. It was painted in 2001. I had forgotten I painted it and indeed was rather pleased when I saw it in my map drawer. I like it a lot! It has never been exhibited.

So, even in 2001 I was interested in galaxies, universes, mammoth spaces and places, but also the minutae of distance. This painting reminds me of my dreams...being on the edge of sleep, on the edge of the horizon! Such an intimate place, the edge of sleep, but what a massive dimension it becomes.

I like the way this painting appears to be a of the edge of the planet, or maybe the galaxy...or maybe the universe? I also like the way it could be a microscopic view, a cross section of something much smaller than a galaxy of stars, but with the same miraculous intensity of one.


The photo above is of my now clean studio. Well, I know, I know... it is not perfectly clean, but it is a lot cleaner than it was. You will notice the side of the hot water system on the right! I paint my works on paper in this room. The larger oil on linen paintings are created in my garage, which is a great studio.


Just in case you missed them:
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And, some good news. My entry in the
SCOPE GALLERIES Art Award - Art Concerning Environment
has been selected as a finalist.

Click HERE to read more about it.
I shall keep you posted on how it all goes.


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