Sunday, May 13, 2012


Quiet Fierceness Of Light Oil on linen 90 x 180 cm

Today has been Mothers' Day in Australia. A beautiful autumn day in Brisbane. Families out and about, breakfasting, lunching, out to dinner, picnics in the park. A great day. I have had a wonderul day, with breakfast out with my children, lovely presents, a heated discussion about someone's homework, an old school friend and her mate over for a drink. I phoned my own Mother this morning and had a long chat.

Regular readers will know that I often depict a figure of a woman in my paintings. She has been variously; Eve, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the young bride in the landscape, me and you. I would suggest that in all cases she has actually been the personification of Spirit, the Sacred Feminine. As such, she is neither male nor female, but the essence of life which exists within us all, man and woman.

As Spirit or the Sacred Feminine, the female figure is illuminatory...she casts light at the same time as attracting it. She lights the way, but the journey also finds her. As she attracts the light it fills her, penetrating the intimate spaces of her soul, as she sheds light for humanity's guidance. As Light she is also Knowledge. For indeed, illumination reveals information, in its never-ending detail as well as in its broad glimpses of horizons beyond. These perspectives add to our knowledge of the world and us...and the universe/multiverse. It propels us. Please check out Colour of Knowledge for more of my thoughts. The painting Colour Of Knowledge is also below.

In this post I have uploaded some images of paintings where light and the female figure, representing her various incarnatons, 'speak' of the sacred feminine.

Please also check out my website 'Gallery' My Women 1990-Present

Seeking The Light Oil on linen 36 x 36 cm

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