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Theatre of War: Spectrum Access Gouache on paper 56 x 76 cm 2021

This is my 9th Theatre of War painting. The last one was Theatre of War: Photon 

Taking Clausewitz's oft used term 'theatre of war' I suggest that the contemporary theatre of war is now staged beyond geographies of land, air and sea. It is now staged in space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum - all domains permeable to each other to allow interoperability and joint force ops. A theatre of war that is endlessly staged - thus it includes time and the future. 

My Theatre of War series addresses some of my ideas about contemporary/future theatre of war.

Theatre of War: Spectrum Access
In Theatre of War: Spectrum Access a figure carries electronic instruments. Is this figure human, an enhanced human or a robot? Maybe it is a simulation for a virtual wargame? The cosmic landscape reminds us that the electromagnetic spectrum is universal - photons appearing in the short seconds after the Big Bang. The tree-of-life, seemingly on fire, conjures thoughts about threats to humanity. And, of course, there is more...

PhD Research
Examining military use of the electromagnetic spectrum [EMS] is the core of my PhD research.  Militaries around the world are increasingly interested in the EMS as an enabler of technology, a type of fires, a 'maneuver' space and a domain. In 2020 US Department of Defense [US DoD] moved from the term 'electronic warfare' to electromagnetic warfare. 

Below are some quotes from a few articles etc that give you an idea about why I am interested in this kind of research.

"Permeating all other domains, the EMS is a foundational domain and enabler of operations in every other domain. With no regard for the sovereignty of any government or military, the EMS provides equitable access to anyone with the means to manipulate it."
Cognitive Electronic Warfare: A Move Towards EMS Maneuver Warfare by John G. Casey in Over the Horizon (OTH) journal, 2021

"The Nation has entered an age of warfighting wherein U.S. dominance in air, land, sea, space, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is challenged by peer and near peer adversaries. These challenges have exposed the cross-cutting reliance of U.S. Forces on the EMS, and are driving a change in how the DoD approaches activities in the EMS to maintain an all-domain advantage." 
Opening sentence of  Forward for the US DoD Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy, October 2020 

In section 3.11 of the Australian Government - Department of Defence 2020 Force Structure Plan, it notes that the Government is investing in "joint electronic warfare battle management and analysis". It also notes that this will be "enhanced" by developing capabilities in the electromagnetic spectrum. 
Australian Government, Department of Defence 2020 Force Structure Plan Section 3.11, page 30.

"The military uses the electromagnetic spectrum - essential, yet invisible - to detect, deceive and disrupt the enemy while protecting friendly forces. As enemies become more capable, and threats more complex, controlling the spectrum is increasingly critical." 
Northrup Grumman website page "Electronic Warfare" 


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