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Birth Of Worlds oil on linen 92 x 102 cm 2014

Physicist, Prof Brian Cox was recently interviewed about his new BBC series Human Universe. The interview Physicist Brian Cox: ‘The side of me that people don’t tend to see is the side that argues’ by Tom Lamont appeared in The Guardian last weekend in time for the first episode of Human Universe to air on the BBC on Tuesday 7 October [as of writing this post it's already the 7th here in Brisbane]. The interview is very interesting, but there is one short phrase apparently uttered by Brian Cox that got me very excited.

the phrase is....
a fractal tree of universes
This is the sentence the phrase was used in: Tom Lamont writes about his own frantic attempts to keep up with Cox I’m on the coffee and almost tearful with the effort of keeping up with Cox’s rapid chat about inflationary cosmology and exponentially expanding space-time, “a fractal tree of universes”.

Needless to say I am looking forward to seeing the BBC's Human Universe

But, back to a fractal tree of universes

This is a five word masterpiece in itself!

The tree's evocative potency for conjuring cosmic images that traverse all time and size scales lies within its complex branching appearance, fractals that repeat across the Universe. This dance of close and far distance, repeated across time and space, is the sense I try to visually elicit from the tree, my much loved age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life.

The painting above Birth of Worlds was exhibited in my last exhibition Untethering Landscape: From Earth-Bound Horizons When I completed this painting I wrote: So for me...worlds? These could be the birth of the Universe, even the Multiverse? Or, formation of planets and stars. Or, the birth of things only visible through a microscope...the microscopic world! Now here's a big idea about birth...maybe the painting exemplifies the birth of everything from the quantum to the cosmic? Maybe the dancing branches of the trees-of-life create quivers and quakes that explode in all directions, leaving a world the spawns itself?

Many people who came to my exhibition, and had conversations with me about Birth Of Worlds, commented on the fractal quality of the trees!

Fingerprints of Existence Oil on linen 36 x 36 cm 2014
In my earlier post for Fingerprints of Existence [above] I wrote Regular readers will know of my intense interest in the age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life. I employ its marvellous potency in many of my paintings. This potency is all about life! The more I explore its immense treasures the more I discover about myself and the world. It has not been an age-old symbol of life, 'speaking' to people across cultures and eons, without reason! It 'speaks' to us at all levels, across times, even outside time and space, within a Universal/Multiversal psyche and dimension! Maybe like a code teasing for attention...
Fingerprints of Existence was also in my exhibition Untethering Landscape When I was discussing it with visitors to the show, I'd suggest that the tree may hold clues to the template for the Universe. Not a scientific observation maybe, and possibly far fetched, but a reasonable one to throw into the debate.
and now to a painting I called Multiverse
Multiverse Oil on linen 80 x 100 cm 2010
I painted Multiverse in 2010 when I first read about the idea of a Multiverse in Lord Astronomer and Cosmologist Martin Rees's wonderful book Just Six Numbers Here's a paragraph from my earlier post for this painting,  The image that sprang to my mind is a tree with small portal-like 'windows' or 'eyes' dotted amongst the branches, each created by a kind of swirling or vortex action. These portals are more obvious from a distance, because they interrupt the pattern of the tree. Up close, they are still visible, but the interruption to the pattern is not as obvious. I suppose it is a bit like seeing a peacock proudly unfold its plumage, compared with looking at only one feather. The magnificence of the fanned plumage is breathtaking and patterns are discernible, yet one feather, still beautiful, only whispers.
So you can understand why I got excited when I read the phrase
a fractal tree of universes
And, the excitement continues. Why? Because, I will be seeing Brian Cox in the Journey Through The Cosmos series of events over 3-4 days in November at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre [QPAC] Brisbane. The series is a collaboration with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Here's the QSO's info on Journey Through The Cosmos I am going to everything!
Talking of
I have an online exhibition of 10 Tree-Of-Life paintings. To view the paintings on my website please click HERE 
And, they are for sale too!
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