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 All Of Us Gouache on paper 15 x 21 cm [image] 27 x 33 cm [framed]
As of last night Australia has a new government, with the Liberal National Party/ Coalition winning decisively. Political landscapes constantly change yet where does my favourite topic, perspective, fit into the picture? After all if we use the term 'political landscape' perspective must be lurking there somewhere! Surely....
I shall tell you a story:
As regular readers will know the painting below Super Earths Discovered is a finalist in the $25,000 Tattersall's Landscape Art Award here in Brisbane [details below]. The award was announced 3 nights ago at a fun opening night function...I did not win...but I did talk to lots of really intrigued and interested people about my painting, and that's part of my story. 
Everyone I spoke with 'got' that cosmic perspectives [spatial and temporal] force a clear realisation that we all share the planet...there's nowhere else for us to go, we are here together for the foreseeable and probably unforeseeable future! Thus, with a cosmic perspective, manmade regional, state, national borders, boundaries and politics disappear becoming essentially meaningless.
Yet, in this disappearance, I'd suggest, new ways of seeing not only Earth, but also ourselves, are offered. Now that's where new political agency lies. Are we brave enough to look for it, and then embrace it?
For a more creative story about getting to the point of perspective please read my short story Stirring The Star Dust: A short story about digging.
Politics and perspective...a complex and fascinating topic! Too much to write on a BLOG post, but one more perspective! below...based on my own experiences exhibiting overseas.
Super Earths Discovered Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2013

Galactic Horizons and Beyond Oil on linen 85 x 150 cm 2012
In December 2005 I was invited to hold a solo exhibition at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation in the United Arab Emirates. The conversations I shared with people, who came to see my exhibition from all over the region, were humbling, wonderful and shifted my perspectives on many issues. These conversations were triggered by my paintings, but whilst they were initially about the paintings they soon became something much more. Men, women and children opened up to me, and I to them, to the point where differences disappeared and similarities were revealed.
I have called these conversations agenda-less, but certainly not directionless. It struck me that the agenda-less quality was very important. Why? Without agenda there is no prescription. Without agenda detours can be explored, new pathways revealed. Without agenda new perspectives can be experienced. Agenda-less-ness can lead to discovery, revelation and inspiration...all potentially highly politically charged! And, challenging for the status quo.
The catalytic agency of the arts to trigger agenda-less, but not directionless, conversation should not be ignored. But, unfortunately it is. Taking notice of this agency has powerful and meaningful political potential.
In 2011 I wrote a BLOG post called DIPLOMACY which describes some of my thoughts with regards to the catalytic agency of the arts. I have based the post on my own experiences exhibiting in foreign countries.  
The painting Histories below is one of those that triggered marvellous conversation.

 Histories Oil on linen 80 x 200 cm 2005
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The finalists can be seen by clicking HERE
Congratulations to Jun Chen for his winning work Brisbane River
and Highly Commended to the collaborative work by
Imants Tillers and Michael Nelson Jaggamara
and commended to both
Mostyn Bramley-Moore and Rachel Ellis
The exhibition of finalists will be on public view at
Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle St, Brisbane
9 - 20 September
Open weekdays 7 am - 6 pm
Enquiry and Sales Desk open 11 am - 3 pm
solo exhibition
15 - 27 October
Graydon Gallery, New Farm, Brisbane
All the details are on my COSMIC ADDRESS PAGE
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