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From Here To There And Everywhere Oil on linen 50 x 110 cm 2013
My new painting From Here To There And Everywhere is another 'landscape' that attempts to disrupt concepts of what and where landscape is. Regular readers will know of my intent to question how we conceive and perceive landscape, especially against a backdrop of contemporary cosmological research which propels perspective/s to limitless horizons. I think questioning is important. Why? Because, our entanglement with traditional ideas of landscape tethers perception to a well oiled groove, like a stuck record. And, this perception is not simply about how we perceive landscape, but also in our relationship with it, how we perceive ourselves.
New perspectives, revealed to us by cosmology, afford us the opportunity to recalibrate our perceptions of 'landscape' and in this process we ultimately see ourselves differently. Maybe this will ignite new ways of managing the sustainability of the planet and life on it?
My catchcry Earth maybe our home, but the Universe is our environment is a driving force for much of my work. In my imagination I travel the Universe [even Multiverse] and see 'landscapes' of all kinds. As regular readers know I grew up in the Australian landscape of Western Queensland, Australia. It tends to be my imaginal launching pad from which I 'fly' here there and everywhere. Now you see where the title for my new painting comes from!
From Here To There And Everywhere is ambiguous and deliberately so. It forces questions! Where are we? How did we get here, there or even everywhere? Are we in a space-craft, on another planet or still on Earth? The mountain range is familiar, but not. It seems to demand attention, as do the planet-like balls hovering on the other side of the mountains. Why do the mountains seem to float? It's as if they have been released...yes...untethered! They are representative of my ideas of untethering landscape...untethering it from the ties that force it to travel the well worn groove that forces the same perspective over and over again.
New cosmological research is inviting us, even demanding us, to experiment with new perspectives. I suggest we now have an opportunity to even develop skills in 'seeing' multiple perspectives simultaneously. How cool and sophisticated that would be! More importantly how significant it would be for our perception of landscape, our relationship with it and ultimately our perception of ourselves.
From Here To There And Everywhere follows another recent painting called Multiple Landscapes

Multiple Landscape Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2013
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