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Childhood Memory Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm 2001-02

Why did I call this post Back On Earth? Well...because some of my more recent paintings have delved into the vast reaches of outer space, leaving the 'safe' shores of Earth's environment. Please check out recent post When It Rained On Mars and Cosmic Ouroborus. Indeed my forthcoming exhibition at Purgatory Artspace in North Melbourne is called Cosmology!

I have a great interest in untethering ideas of 'landscape' from Earth bound notions. Why? Because, as contemporary cosmological research reveals, our environment is not only bound by Earth's dimensions. Our 'environment' is one of accelerating universal antimonies ie: quantum intimacies and vast, almost unbelievable, horizons. For us to appreciate and gain perspective of our universal 'place' I suggest we need to visualise beyond the safety of Earth's immediate horizons. Launching oneself, imaginatively, to a place where perspective reveals new insights into sustaining life on Earth...after all, currently, it is our [all of us] only home. I have previously written about Untethering Landscape and Untethering Landscape [Revolutionary?]

In this post I am reflecting upon some of my past Earth-bound landscapes with an eye on a very new Earth-bound painting Night Time Electric Storm [Across The Flat Plain] which is below. In this new painting, which I wrote about in the BLOG post just prior to this one, I have returned to Earth! I feel I have returned on the electric conduits from 'Heaven'...yes...the lightening!

Childhood Memory Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm
The painting above Childhood Memory is over ten years older than Night Time Electric Storm, yet the flat horizon of my childhood home persists. Both paintings recall a landscape that provided a vastness of space for imagining and wondering. I had not realised, until I was searching through my images, how similar the two paintings are, even though they 'speak' about totally different conditions. Childhood Memory recalls a fine weather day, clear skies and heat. Night Time Electric Storm recalls how the quietness of space can be transformed into a virulent play of light and dark.

I am working on a new painting which also, and again, explores the virulence of stormy weather across a flat plain. Seems like I am staying on Earth for just a tad longer!

Night Time Electric Storm [Across The Flat Plain] Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm 2012

I thought I'd upload some of my other Earth-bound landscapes.

Space and Time Oil on linen 80 x 100 cm 2001
Space and Time [above] a multi-horizoned landscape, marked by the energy held within the land and sky, heralds my interest in launching myself off the planet! Please note the strips of rain falling from two horizons. Regular readers will know that I paint strips of rain on distant horizons, sometimes even with small $ signs, to indicate and question how we 'value' natural resources. Regular readers will also know that recently I painted a Martian 'landscape' where strips of rain fall from a red sky. See When It Rained On Mars at the bottom of the post.

When I Painted The Wind oil on linen 80 x 120 cm 2001
I really like When I Painted The Wind because again it is a memory of childhood, lying in the soft green clover, before the bindies appeared, watching the sky and feeling the wind or breeze brushing across my face, tickling and flirting with my unruly hair. What interests me now is the red energy connecting land and sky, seemingly travelling beyond the sky to the vastness of Space.
Gouache on paper 56 x 76 cm 2005
I ask you to check out the photo just below and compare it with my work on paper At Close Distance [just above]. The photo was taken in 1981 by my brother Wilfred Brimblecombe It is a photo of a sunset across the Pirrinuan flat plain where we grew up. You can tell we have been both very influenced by our childhood home and the amazing space and vastness it revelled in!! I had not seen this photo until he uploaded it to a recent post on his BLOG called Pirrinuan Sunset. It is also interesting to compare it with my painting Childhood Memory.
Wilfred's new BLOG is well worth keeping an eye on!
Pirrinuan Sunset, Wilfred Brimblecombe, May 1981.
Pirrinuan Sunset Wilfred Brimblecombe 1981

Watching Gouache on paper 30 x 42 [unframed] 2003
I remember when I painted Watching. I was thinking about how farmers watch the sky. They watch it, during drought, hoping for rain. The watch it even when it does rain, because too much rain can be a disaster. Even a little rain, especially at harvest time, can cause great anxiety. I've seen my Father, his fellow farmers, and those I knew when I lived in Goondiwindi gaze at the sky, reading its signs and signals with appreciation or fear depending on the circumstance.
It seems I was influenced by this gaze upwards towards the sky!  Yet, Watching suggests that perhaps I was already above the clouds, flying and looking down onto land ploughed and prepared for planting. Maybe? What I like is the possibility of multi perspectives.
And, that takes me...and Mars!

When It Rained On Mars oil on linen 85 x 150 cm 2012
If you are interested in any of these paintings please contact me. Childhood Memory has sold.
My next solo exhibition

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I've made a 'Cosmology Gallery' on my website with some of the paintings that may be in COSMOLOGY
Virtual gallery Freshly Baked Gallery currently has their Launch Collection 'showing' and I am one of the 35 artists from around the world in this exhibition. Please check it out HERE
                               Photo: Brisbane-based artist, Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox is a self-professed colour fanatic, who describes her artworks as ‘scapes’. These ‘scapes’ are often hundreds of thousands of tiny shapes or strokes that combine for a huge, heaving wave of colour.

We love this piece called 'Gate' - part of our launch collection >
My painting Gate on the 'wall' at Freshly Baked Gallery Launch Collection exhibition
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