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                                DETAIL of new painting...still to be finished Time Travel

This post is going to be a newsy one. Lots to tell.


I am very excited about of my paintings Earth's Pulse, which I uploaded in my last post Six Years-Celebration, has been featured on Scientific America's Art/Science Blog Symbiartic.

They are featuring an artwork per day for the month of September...and mine is the first! Click HERE to see it. And, please Facebook 'Like' it or Tweet it or other....!

While you in the Art/Science mindset...check out Symbiartic's two bloggers' sites:
Glendon Mellow's The Flying Trilobite
Kalliopi Monoyios Scientific Communications and Consulting

AND Again with a Art/Science mindset please make sure you read about Brisbane artist Joannah Underhill's amazing experience as artist in residence at the University of Queensland Institute of Molecular Biology...please check out my note below!


I have created a couple of new 'galleries' on my website.
One is Adam and Eve...And That Tree  and the other is Cosmology

Adam and Eve...And That Tree exhibits five paintings that directly reference the story, shared by the three Abrahamaic religions, of Adam and Eve.

                                    In The Garden of Eden Oil on linen 50 x 94 cm

Cosmology exhibits a selection of my paintings where I explore the close and far distances between the quantum and cosmic.

Ad Infinitum? Oil on linen 50 x 50 cm


Highlife Downs Living  has featured an article about me and my work in their new Spring Edition. The terrific photographs were taken by Gillian Van Niekerk from VannPhotography. Also check out Highlife Downs Living Facebook page, where their profile banner [see image below taken by Gillian Van Niekerk] is a close up image of one of my paintings, Radiance. The magazine is published quarterly and features news from the Darling Downs region. Check out their 'About' page.

Now, I know I do not live on the Downs any more, but I am a Downs girl having grown up on my parent's grain farm outside Dalby...and then, after marrying, spending eighteen years living in Goondiwindi. The girl might leave the country...BUT the country never leaves the girl!

Detail Radiance oil on linen 92 x 208 cm


I delivered my entry on Friday in readiness for judging this coming week, and the opening  of the exhibition and prize announcements, on Wednesday 5th September. The Tattersall's landscape Award is an invitation award, so I am very happy to have been asked again this year.

Regular readers will know of my thoughts about untethering landscape from Earth, so that we are free to take different perspectives, even simultaneously. In an age where research burrows into vast quantum worlds and intimate cosmic places, focusing on an Earth-bound idea of landscape may mean we miss something, individually and collectively!

So, my entry is not an Earth bound landscape, but it could be of the Earth, but then again it could be a Universe... or a spec of dust. Shall keep you posted!


I went to the cocktail party opening of the Nindooinbah Woolshed exhibiton last night. AND, what a fabulous party it was. The exhibition of ten artists, including me, looked fabulous in the old, but restored woolshed. The shed looked like a medieval banqueting hall, with fairy lights highlighting rafters and a magnificent chandelier hanging in the centre. Nindooinbah is a historical homestead and property an hour's drive south of Brisbane.

The exhibition is raising funds for the local Quarry Action Group, which is fighting to stop a massive quarry in the area. The region also has issues with coals seam gas exploration. I heard some frightening and amazing stories from locals last night!

The exhibition continues today 2nd September, with a high tea and then open to the public. Below is one of my paintings in the exhibition. The upper 'landscape' becomes a 'landscape' of $ signs at the bottom. The tree is the last witness to the commoditisation of Earth, but the white light offers a glimmer of hope.

Last Witness Oil on linen 50 x 50 cm
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: When Science Is Art

Last Thursday night I attended a fascinating function at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art [GOMA], but hosted by the University of Queensland's Insitutute of Molecular Biology [IMB]. It was an exhibition of paintings by Joannah Underhill, plus a presentation by her and Dr Nick Hamilton, with an introduction by the Director of the IMB Prof. Brandon Wainwright.

Joannah has been an artist-in-residence at the IMB. She is also a cancer survivor. Her presentation was compelling, intellectual, emotional and poetic. It was obvious that both Dr. Hamilton and Prof Wainwright were deeply affected by Joannah's presence at the IMB. Indeed, I spoke with a number of researchers and they all effusively spoke about how an artist's way of  'seeing' provoked them to look and see with different and even new eyes. Please check out Joannah's Residency page.

This is a link to the GOMA event's invitation. Although it has already happened, the invitation provided information, links and details you may be interested in. Please click HERE

Well, I think that's all.


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